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The fairy is a monster found in the forest. The fairy prefers transforming the character over dealing physical damage. As such it is hard to "lose" to a fairy. All encounters will usually "hinder" the player in some way. The fairy can offer the player a drink when asked. This is a bad idea when trying to win the game as the drink will fill the players belly with a ridiculous amount of liquid.

Difficulty Rating

[let Aika fill this in]




Pink Hair/ Pink diamond ring


The fairy will always take one turn to "charge" at the player when she notices them. If you cannot change rooms or kill her during the next turn, she will always hit you. Note that a fairy the player has attacked will retaliate immediately. Most of her abilities center on increasing or decreasing the size of the player's body parts, although she's intelligent enough not to shrink something that's already reached its minimum size.

There is a 50% chance the fairy will perform one of the following "attacks" if the pregnancy fetish is enabled.

  • Shrink penis
  • Fill the player's womb with semen.

Otherwise, the fairy will randomly choose one of the following.

  • Increase Belly Size
  • Increase breast size and lactation rate
  • If the player is wearing a bra, she will increase curse it and increase its size as well
  • If the player is lactating, she will drain the players breasts while simultaneously inducing further lactation
  • Increase hip size
    • If the player is wearing underwear, she will curse them and transform them into a more revealing undergarment of the same color.
      • Panties will be changed into briefs
      • Briefs will be changed into thongs
      • Thongs will be changed into g-strings.
      • G-strings will be changed into crotchless panties
      • Crotchless panties and other special underwear won't turn into anything, and if they are already cursed, the fairy will simply increase hip size instead
  • Set bladder fill to a high level
  • Apply make-up
  • Increase hair length
  • Increases heel size
  • Decrease Strength
  • Decrease Dexterity

Actions upon victory

Since the fairy doesn't increase soreness she doesn't behave differently when the player is on knees. However, the fairy will still try to prevent a kneeling/crawling player from leaving the room while unfriendly.

Ways to make unfriendly

Attack / Maxed "boredom"

  • Boredom is simply a number that increases over time. When bored enough the fairy will "mess" with you before turning friendly again.
    • It takes 100 in-game "seconds" to maximize boredom.

Ways to make friendly

Because of boredom the player usually needs to take a "hit" to make them friendly again. Not sure if they spawn with maxed boredom or it just takes too long to reach them beforehand.

Learnable Skill

Belly Support

Assistance in combat

Runs away at first sign of trouble.

  • If the player is pregnant they will help by firing bolts of magic at the enemy.






Unless one needs the loot and has very good stats it's probably not worthwhile to fight the fairy. An easy way around "fighting" is leaving the room immediately after discovering the fairy. Encountering her again will lead to an immediate attack (no charge). A single encounter with a fairy isn't a big deal, but her transformations cause trouble for the player further down the line, making subsequent fights harder. The fairy evades attacks often, so high dexterity is advised to avoid dragging out the fight. Since the fight isn't over when kneeling, the player is encouraged to choose riskier methods of attacking to maximize damage output. The best bet is to kick her with good, preferably uncursed, heels. This can often result in a one hit kill, avoiding further transformations, assuming the fairy does not evade the attack.