Fertility Goddess

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Fertility Goddess


Clothing - Headgear - Unique


The fertility goddess outfit is triggered by getting pregnant several times throughout the course of the game.

Ways of Obtaining Outfit

Becoming a mother on multiple occasions

  • Based on the state of your mind you obtain one of two styles of outfit
    • Pure/Used : Roman goddess style tunic and Laurel wreath
    • Broken: Natural style of ivy leaves and twigs


  • Price: Cannot be bought
  • Humiliation:
  • Possible Magical Attributes: Prevents you from having contraction and fall to your knees that takes one turn of game play


  • if not cursed, reduces belly weight
  • if not blessed, increases hip size
  • if not broken, often have the "of confidence" attribute, reducing your humiliation gains
  • increased impregnation rate
  • gains intelligence based on number of children
  • if placed on altar during cooldown and while cursed, it will change to cursed runic headband