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Furniture is any non-item, that the player can examine, voluntarily interact with, and use. Unlike traps, furniture is visible even with no prior player interaction. Chests, sacks, crates, and other basic containers are furniture, but they have no unique traits other than what's inside and what traps affect them. There are certain objects that the player can examine, but not directly interact with, such as the Minotaur's cage, or the Statue in the Statue Clearing, but for the purposes of this page, they are not 'furniture'. In release 5, the player could travel to any piece of furniture using the "gonear".

Dungeon Furniture

Pink Wardrobe

  • Appears in the Royal Chambers
  • Items can be placed into the wardrobe using the put command
  • Does not interact with the loot table, although the things that initially appear in it are random.
  • Like chests and basic containers, the Wardrobe is closed when the dungeon generates, but it will stay open when the dungeon resets
  • Items in the wardrobe do not reset with the rest of the dungeon
    • Heels, Panties, and Diapers that generated inside the wardrobe may change variants
  • The wardrobe will generate containing the following items
    • An Overdress. Frequently, the overdress will be:
      • A Gender Bender T-shirt, if the player is male.
      • If Diapers are enabled, it will be an "I love my wet nappies" T-shirt instead
      • If the player is female, and diapers are not enabled, it will be a "Gang Bang Girl" T-shirt.
    • Heels or boots, with the Posture Training Magical Attribute
    • A Bra or bikini top, always which may be cursed or blessed
    • Any Corset, which may or may not be cursed.
    • A cursed skirt or belt with the Dress-up Magical Attribute.
    • Panties, Thongs, Briefs, or a G-string if the Diaper fetish is not enabled
    • A Diaper or padded undewear, if the Diaper fetish is enabled
  • Non Clothing items, such as jewelry or cans, will disappear if left in the wardrobe during a reset.
  • If the wardrobe has 10 or more items in it, the wardrobe will be able to modify them when the dungeon resets
    • Bras may increase to the player's current cup size
      • Once the player has reached a certain breast size, certain Bra's will no longer increase in size and will change to a smaller size
        • Wonderbras will change to B cup if the player's breasts exceed DD, even if they were larger than DD before.
    • Heels may increase in height
    • Items inside will randomly change BUC status
    • Items inside also have a chance to gain a random magical attribute, even if it replaces an existing one

Prison Guard's Bedroom Lever

  • The lever is found in the Prison Guard's Bedroom
  • The player can interact with the lever using the **pull** command
    • The pull command will fail if the player's intelligence score is lower than 3
  • Pulling the lever will release the Minotaur
  • The lever is one of two pieces of furniture that can be interacted with by someone other than the player

Portal Lever

  • Currently available for alpha testers, there is a lever associated with each of the three warp portals which are found in the dungeon, the hotel and the school.
  • At the dungeon portal, the lever will switch the destination between the school and the hotel. However, the hotel destination will not be available until you progress to the hotel in the game normally (up the stairs and through the woods).
  • At the hotel portal, the lever will switch the destination between the school and the dungeon. This replaces the stairs in the hotel that originally led to the school.
  • At the school portal, the lever will switch the destination between the dungeon and the hotel. However, the hotel destination will not be available until you progress to the hotel in the game normally (up the stairs and through the woods).
  • If you are a student in the school and your arm band alarm has notified you of an upcoming lesson, the dungeon and hotel portals will deliver you to the corridor outside the classroom for your lesson. Otherwise, they will deliver you to the school portal.
  • For non-alpha testers, the warp portal in the dungeon appears as a metal shutter until activated by finding the other warp portal in the hotel. After that it can be used normally to warp between the dungeon and hotel, but it will not have the lever available to access the school.


  • The statue, or "penis statue" can be found in the Statue Hall
  • Once the player's //stomach// stat has fallen to -350, the player will drink from the statue automatically if they enter the Statue Hall
    • If there is a hostile NPC already in the room, the player will try to get a drink from them instead.
  • The player can interact with the statue in the same way they do with anything else they can drink from; with the **use** command and any of its variants
    • if the player is wearing any mouthwear, such as a ballgag, they will be unable to use the statue
    • To use the statue voluntarily, the player must be kneeling.
  • Drinking from this statue will reduce the player's orifice soreness
    • In Release 5, and early release 6, it reduced body soreness as well.
  • Drinking from the statue will increase semen addiction.
  • Drinking from the statue with high sex addiction will cause a Cock Pacifier to materialize onto the player.
  • Drinking from the statue will the player's stomach
  • Drinking from the statue will also humiliate the player

Royal Bed

  • The bed is found in the Royal Chambers
  • Using any variant of the **rest** command on the bed will cause the player to sleep on it
    • Sleeping on the bed can have the following effects on the player's stats
    • Sleeping on the bed may also spawn a cursed Nightie onto the player if they are not already wearing an overdress
      • Sleeping on the bed while wearing a Nightie and with the watersports fetish enabled will change the nightie into a Nightie of Bed Wetting and will curse the Nightie if it was not cursed already


  • Tanks appear throughout the dungeon, containing a random amount of one liquid
  • Tanks can appear in any dungeon room, except for the following:
    • Altar Room
    • Underground Lake
    • Dungeon Shop
    • Throne Room
    • Statue Hall
    • Stone Staircase
  • A Magenta tank will always appear in the Royal Chambers when the game begins, but will disappear after the first reset.
    • The amount in this tank will still be random
  • Using a tank has a chance of triggering a paddle trap.
  • If the player uses a vessel on a tank, the vessel will be filled with 1-3 servings of liquid, depending on the capacity of the vessel and how much liquid is in the tank.
    • If the vessel already has something in it, the player will be prompted with a y/n confirmation to pour it out first.
  • The following liquids will never appear in tanks.
    • Milk(White)
    • Urine(Gold)
    • Semen(Creamy)


  • The throne is found in the Throne Room
  • Using the the **rest** command or any of its variants will make the player sit on the throne.
    • Sitting on the throne can have the following effects
      • Trigger the Throne Trap which will increase the player's strength if it does not cause them to faint
        • If the Egg laying fetish is enabled, it will also fill them with eggs(starting with the third round of inflation)
        • When the trap is "finished," it may leave a cursed butt plug in the player's ass
      • Materialize the Tiara onto the player's head if they are not already wearing headgear
      • Increase the player's intelligence.
      • Reduce the player's hair blondeness
      • Increase the player's bust size, hip size, and hair length by 1
      • Reset the player's hair length to "Shoulder Length"
      • Decrease humiliation
      • If the player is the princess, can trigger a scene that increases intelligence and fills the player's belly.
    • Sitting/**rest**ing on the throne will have no effect if the throne is on "cooldown"
      • The cooldown will begin once the player has triggered one of its effects
      • The cooldown lasts about 5 minutes

Milking Bench

  • If the player is not lactating, they will rest on the milking bench as though it were a kneeling stool.
  • If the player is lactating, and nothing is blocking their nipples, using any variant of the **rest** command on the bench will cause the bench to begin milking the player if their breasts are exposed.
    • The player's rest cannot be interrupted during milking unless an aggressive NPC has already started to rape the player.
    • Even if the player's rest is interrupted, the milking will not stop, even if the player has run out of milk; they will have to wait until the NPC is finished.
    • The cow ears have a higher chance of spawning for every consecutive turn of milking.
    • Almost all overdresses and bras count as covering the player's breasts. If the player is wearing an uncursed maternity bra and nothing over it, it will automatically be moved out of the way for milking.
  • After the bench finishes milking, it will produce a white can.
    • No matter how full the player's breasts were, the can will contain the same amount of fluid as any other.
  • If the player's breasts is not lactating, or the lactation fetish is not enabled, they will simply rest normally, with the added healing effects of resting on furniture.
    • If the weight gain fetish is enabled, **rest**ing on the bench will make the player gain a bit of weight.
  • The Milking Bench can generate in every dungeon room, except for the following:
    • Altar Room
    • Statue Hall
    • Stone Corridor
    • Stone Hallway
    • Stone Staircase
    • Royal Chambers
    • Throne Room
    • Underground Lake
    • Dungeon Shop


  • The stairs are found in the Stone Staircase
  • If the player is in the same room as the stairs, they can climb them with the **up** command
    • Doing so will transport player to the Dungeon exit in the Woods Area
  • The stairs is one of two furniture that can be interacted with by someone other than the player

Dungeon Altar

  • The dungeon altar is found in the Altar Room
  • Using the altar to improve the BUC status of an item will put the altar on cooldown.
  • While not on cooldown :
    • If the player places cursed or uncursed items on the altar; it will uncurse or bless those items, respectively.
    • If the player places themself on the altar(with the syntax "place me on altar"):
      • decrease bust
      • decrease hip size,
      • decreased humiliation
      • Become more 'sensible' (increase intelligence ?)
      • Be refreshed (heal fatigue and body soreness)
      • Summon the Runic Headband if no other headgear is worn
  • While on cooldown :
    • Placing items on the altar will have the following effects:
      • Blessed items placed on the altar will become normal, or uncursed
      • uncursed items placed on the altar will become cursed
      • cursed items placed on the altar will negatively alter one of the player's stats
    • Placing yourself on the altar, or placing a cursed item onto it will have one of the following effects:
  • The Altar's cooldown lasts about 5 in-game minutes.


  • The lake is found in the Underground Lake
  • The player can wash in the lake to remove all bodily fluids from their clothes and their person
    • Fluids //in// their person have a chance of being removed as well.
  • Players with the watersports fetish enabled can pee in the lake as a way of humiliation-free relief.
    • Any fluids on the player's body will still be washed off, however.
      • This will not happen for male players.
  • If the player is carrying soaked clothes, but not wearing them, they will not be cleaned when the player washes in the lake.
  • Washing in the lake has a chance of summoning the tentacle monster
    • Depending on the player's dexterity, weight, and how much fluid they washed off, the tentacle monster might catch and rape them, massively increasing humiliation and giving them a new coating of fluids to replace the one they lost.
    • The tentacle monster remains in the lake until the dungeon is reset
      • As long as the tentacle monster is there, the lake is completely unusable.
      • If the player has a bimbo score of 14 or higher, they may use the lake, but with a much higher risk of being caught and raped by the monster

Kneeling Stool

  • There will be two kneeling stools in the dungeon. Starting with release 9 version 6.1, one of the two kneeling stools is replaced by a dildo rocking stool.
    • if the weight gain fetish is enabled, a third cursed one will appear as well.
  • Resting on the stool will reduce the player's body soreness and reduce their fatigue
  • Resting on either stool with the weight gain fetish enabled will cause the player to slowly gain weight
    • Resting on the cursed stool will cause this to happen much faster.
  • To rest on the dildo rocking stool, you must be willing to take the dildo in your asshole and it must be accessible (displaced panties, no panties and nothing plugging your opening).
    • Resting on the dildo rocking stool will increase stimulation and soreness over time.
  • The kneeling stool can appear in any dungeon room, except for the following:
    • Altar Room
    • Dungeon Shop
    • Royal Chambers
    • Stone Staircase
    • Underground Lake
    • Throne Room
    • Statue Hall

Gloryhole and Painting

  • Can be located at the dungeon or in the hotel. For alpha patrons, there is also a gloryhole and painting two spaces north of the headmistress's office.
  • Kneeling and using willingly gives a blowjob.
  • Being aroused it's possible to put genitalia into hole while standing with following outcomes:
    • Receive a blowjob till orgasm decreasing humiliation and sex addiction
    • Perform a blowjob with reverse result
    • Occasionally, male players will encounter a scene where they put their dick in the hole, only to be immobilized. After that, a new opening will appear next to their face and they will have their own dick forced into their mouth and they must give themselves a blowjob.
    • Depending on sex
      • Male character performs "Go and Fuck yourself" gaining unique experience
      • Male character gains Slut Tattoo
      • Female character receives cursed clit piercing
    • After that goes to cooldown for some time


  • Located in the Brothel room
  • Character can get on it driving in submissive fantasy. Reward could be:
    • A solid gold bracelet with increase of arousal (possible with increase of sex addiction)
    • A pair of ankle cuffs, a pair of wristcuffs, a slave collar plus a new owner: the guard ready to test a new property. He is more than generous to allow presenting an orifice.
    • Goes to cooldown for some time
    • During cooldown could be used to increase arousal of the character.

Woods Furniture


  • Buckets appear throughout the woods, containing a random amount of any liquid.
  • Unlike tanks, the color of the liquid inside is obscured from view, so the only way to know is to collect some in a vessel
  • Buckets can appear in every woods area room, except:
    • Dungeon Exit
    • Hole in the Ground
    • Hotel Back Entrance
    • Waterfall Clearing
    • Witch's Shack
  • Using a bucket will sometimes trigger a spinning dildo pole.


  • There will be 2 to 3 hammocks in every dungeon, usually two
  • The hammock can be found in any of the Woods Area rooms, except for the following
    • Waterfall
    • Witch's shack
    • Statue Clearing
    • Dungeon Exit
  • The player can sleep in the hammock by using the **rest** command or any of its variants on the hammock
    • The command will fail if there are hostile monsters nearby
  • Unlike the Milking Bench and the Kneeling Stool, monsters cannot interrupt players once they have begun to rest on the Hammock.
    • If there's a fairy around, she can still mess with you because she can fly

Wall Statue/Ladder

  • The "wall statue" is embedded in the Mysterious White Wall
  • The wall statue can be interacted with by **climb**ing the ladder that will be found in the same room, which will have one of several different effects.
    • Increase the player's ass openness by 5(as long as it has not reached its maximum)
    • If the player's belly size is less than 10, increases the contents of the player's belly by 8.
    • Decreases semen addiction by 2, increases intelligence by 1, and decreases the player's humiliation by quite a lot.


  • The trap door is found in the Dungeon Exit
  • If the player is in the same room as the stairs, they can use them with the **down** command
    • Doing so will transport them to the Stone Staircase in the Dungeon Area
    • Unlike with going up the stairs, the player does not have to be standing to complete this command, although they will still be kneeling when they enter the Stone Staircase.

Woods Altar

  • The woods altar is found in the Witch's Shack.
  • The woods altar is one of three pieces of furniture that can change the BUC status of the player's items, the others being the Dungeon Altar and the Pink Wardrobe.
  • If the player has any jewelry, the player can place a piece onto the altar to uncurse some of the items worn by the player..
    • Depending on the value of the jewelry placed on the altar, the altar will affect more items.
    • If there are no items to uncurse, the player's lowest out of strength, dex and intelligence will be increased by 1.
  • If the Witch sees the player using the altar, she will become hostile unless the player "paid" her beforehand with the things she likes:
    • Vessels full of bodily fluids
    • Used diapers
    • If you go to her for help with the latex transformation curse, it may just soften her heart enough that she'll let you use the altar for free!


  • The pool is found in the Waterfall Clearing
  • The player can wash in the pool to remove all fluids from their body and clothes.
    • Some fluid in the player's body may be removed, but not all of it.
    • If the player is carrying but not wearing soaked items, they will not be cleaned when the player washes in the pool
  • The player can also urinate in the pool if they so choose, and if the watersports fetish is enabled.
    • Male players must displace any crotch blocking clothing first, otherwise the game will ask them if they want to pee in that instead of the lake.

Hotel Furniture

Cross Trainer

  • used with the use command.
  • found in the Gymnasium
  • using awards the player with lots of exercise points, but leaves the player completely fatigued.

Dildo Chairs

  • used with the sit command.
  • found in the Staff Room.
    • Chairs penetrate anus, but heal the player character's weakness and tiredness.
    • One Chair will bind you to it and stuff you full of semen, possibly until you faint.

Dog bowls

  • used with the eat command.
  • found in the Feeding Area.
  • Eating from a dog bowl increases humiliation, and slightly fills the player's belly.

Hotel bed

  • Used with the rest command and its variants
  • Hotel beds can be found in Rooms 102 - 107, and in the Karma Sutra Penthouse Suite
  • Each Bed has a randomly chosen effect.
    • Many beds will have a completely neutral effect
    • A maximum of two beds will summon a pullstring collar onto the player
      • If a collar cannot be summoned for whatever reason, functions as a regular bed.
    • A maximum of two beds will cover the player in semen(bukkake fetish enabled) or increase semen addiction by 1.
  • Every now and then, a hotel patron will appear and interact with the player or an NPC. If the player happens to be alone in a room with a hotel bed at that moment, this will manifest as one or more patrons appearing in the room and treating the player as a prostitute for hire. Metal shutters come down to prevent an easy escape.
    • This will also happen if the player tries to rest on any hotel bed when the most recent enemy that the player has attacked is a patron or a pimp.

Modification Machine

  • Found in Room 101
    • Modifications include lower lip, septum, ear, clit piercings, clit chains, orifice widening (permanent until fainting and/or game over, whichever comes first), breast size increase, and increases to strength and intelligence.
    • Use the phrase "sit on machine" to interact with the machine.

Sharp Knife

  • Found in the Kitchen
  • Used with the "Use knife on X" or "cut X with knife" command
  • If the RoboChef notices you using this knife, it will become aggressive
  • Using the knife on clothing will remove it, if the material is not to tough.
  • Using the knife on hair will cut it to an amount appropriate for bimbo level.