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The Ghost is a basic monster found in in the Mansion. Initially a ghost is invisible. The player can detect presents of a ghost by message You can't shake the feeling that you are being watched. or Tension seems to linger in the air around you, and you can't help but feel something will burst out at you at any moment.. It's impossible to predict when a ghost decides to attack the character. Messages do not specify number of hidden ghosts making encounter with ghost more unpredictable. Ghosts freely roam the Mansion. The Ghost can only be damaged by blessed items, and receives damage from blessed items covering attacked part of the body. The exception is in rooms with Something about this room is less...alive. The air here isn't quite as heavy as it is everywhere else.. In these rooms, the ghosts become 'corporeal', and can be attacked normally.


  1. Wad of slime
  2. Jewelry


  • Attempt to increase body soreness. Can saturate clothes with cum
  • Attempt to displace pants and trip over
  • Attempt to pin the character with green cum
    • The <ghost> seems to reform itself, elongating slowly until a foot-long, slimy dick thick enough to qualify as lumber is hovering in the air in front of you. From the way it's pointing at you it's not hard to guess at its intentions.... - a ghost aiming the gun and has a chance to shoot
    • The <ghost> begins to glow brighter and brighter green, a thin strand of slimy "drool" leaking out of the tip as its veins bulge with sudden definition. - the gun is ready to fire. Beware.
    • The <ghost> ejaculates violently, knocking you to your knees with a torrent of bright green, glowing slime. - the character is going to have some fun
    • The player can interrupt ghost with successful attack. The chances are unclear. Best strategy is to leave a room to unload the gun or save/try/crap/reload/try...

Actions upon victory

Penetrates anally or vaginally or orally. Ignores covering clothes. Ignores too wide open orifice skipping sex.

Ways to make unfriendly

Becomes unfriendly with passed time

Ways to make friendly

The ghost can never be made friendly


  • Difficulty: ?
  • Hitpoints: ?
  • Girth: 6?
  • Mess: ?
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? Yes.


  • Creepy Ghost
  • Disembodied Ghost
    • This is a special version of the ghost, much girthier than normal and composed entirely out of semen. With bukkake fetish enabled, anything it touches will be covered in a layer of semen, and its ectoplasm attack is considerably more potent.
    • This ghost won't wait for you to wander around the mansion too long before it spawns. Its ready to follow you around right off the bat.
  • Horny Ghost
  • Perverted Ghost
  • Unsettling Ghost
  • Phantom Tentacle
    • This is special version of ghost. It attempts to seize the character's wrist and teleport the character to the hidden altar. The unfortunate character would serve Deep One and the Phantom Tentacle at once.
    • Tries to ambush the character
    • Can drop expensive jewelry.




(Discuss how best to deal with this monster, and note anything important not already mentioned in the article)

The player should be very careful navigating the Mansion. Ghosts will spawn periodically based on how much time they've spent in a room without a special symbol somewhere(or the hidden altar). A player ready for the mansion should be able to take out a ghost in three to four rounds, however, unless you are in a room with a special symbol (and the description Something about this room is less...alive. The air here isn't quite as heavy as it is everywhere else.) they cannot be damaged by normal attacks, so the player must use blessed equipment or a magical weapon like the magic wand or the sword of purity. Ghosts take damage whenever they hit a piece of blessed clothing, so blessed stockings will increase damage you do with your knees, and ghosts take extra damage from a spike corset that has been blessed. The ghost special attack cannot hit you if you are not in the room, but on the off-chance that something prevents you from getting out of the way, it will trap you on your knees with no way out except to wait. Just like ghost dildo traps, ghosts will phase through unblessed orifice blocking clothing, so always remember to visit an altar before you visit the mansion!