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Giant wasps are woods npcs that lay use their ovipositors to lay eggs in the player's orifices (usually their ass.) These npc's can only be encountered if the player has mythical creatures and egg laying fetishes turned on. New wasps spawn when the player lays eggs and the buzzing giant wasp comes along to fertilize them.


  • This giant flying insect is larger than you, but is still capable of perfect flight from its rapidly oscillating wings. As with real wasps in the real world, this beast seems to be very aggressive for no clear reason. Aside from its terrifying giant stinger, you can also see an ovipositor extending from its underbelly.
  • (domesticated wasp variant) This giant flying insect has a tiny fairy perched on its back, controlling it with a pair of fibrous green reins. Despite its clearly domesticated nature, it has a huge, nasty-looking stinger, and an even more intimidating ovipositor extending from its underbelly.

Basic Info

me when their curse activates.) Once the npc who caused the curse is defeated, all gladiators are permanently purified and their curse can no longer activate.

Actions Upon Perception

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Appearance Assesment

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Actions After Perception

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  • Attempt to sting
    • Increases the player's fatigue according to the following formula:
      • F = R / combatSpeed, where R is a random number between the wasp's level and the player's buckle threshold divided by four (R = random number between level and buckle threshold / 4). combatSpeed is a variable controlled directly by the player's Combat Speed

Combat info

  • Banishable? Yes
  • Taxable? No
  • Pityable? No
  • Dominant sexable? NO=o
  • Trips? No
  • Wrangles? No

Submissive Sex

Every turn a giant wasp is having sex with the player, it usually fills them with one small egg. If the player doesn't resist, they will be filled with an additional egg and the giant wasp will finish with the player a turn faster. Wasps don't ejaculate like normal npc's, so once the wasp is done adding eggs, the sex is over and the wasp goes on its merry way.

Sex-Related info

  • Neuter
  • Girth: 3
    • The Buzzing Giant Wasp has a girth of 4.
  • Semen Load: N/A
  • Anal: Yes
  • Vaginal: Sometimes
    • Only if the player is not pregnant
  • Creampies: N/A
  • Penis use: No
  • Titfucks: No
  • Oral: No
  • Takes virginities: Yes
  • Fertile: N/A

Types of submissive sex

  • Vaginal
    • The wasp vaginally penetrates the player with its ovipositor
  • Anal
    • The wasp anally penetrates the player with its ovipositor

Condom Interactions

Giant wasps cannot be made to wear condoms, as they would be broken by their eggs.


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There are five types of giant wasp buzzing, venomous, honey, domesticated, and mundane. Mundane wasps aren't special.

Buzzing Giant Wasp

The buzzing giant wasp is the only wasp variant that lays medium sized Eggs, and the only wasp that actually fertilises eggs. The following are the differences between the buzzing giant wasp and normal wasps:

  • Larger ovipositor (4 girth)
  • Capable of fertilising eggs
    • Medium sized eggs only
  • Lays medium sized eggs, not small eggs.
  • Capable of spawning via the Woods Summoning Portal and intitial Woods generation.

Venomous Wasp

Some giant wasps are particularly venomous, and have a 50% chance to inflict a strength-reducing poison upon the player instead of doing their normal attack. There are no other differences. The following wasps are venomous wasps:

  • Angry Giant Wasp
  • Nasty Giant Wasp
  • Stinging Giant Wasp
  • Vicious Giant Wasp

Honey Wasps

Some giant wasps are able to produce sticky honey, and have 50% chance to spray the player with honey instead of doing their normal attack. If the player is covered in enough honey, then they will be immobilised and fall over. Higher level wasps will cause this to happen faster. The following wasps are honey wasps:

  • Fuzzy Giant Wasp
  • Wooly Giant Wasp

Domesticated Wasp

The domesticated wasp is a unique wasp with an intelligent fairy riding it. The fairy's influence adds some complexity to the wasp's perception checks, and gives the player a fairy to deal with after they defeat the wasp. The following are the differences between the domesticated wasp and other giant wasps:

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