Hair Length

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Hair Length

Hair Length is one of the body stats of the player. Hair Length should be kept low to avoid tripping and giving monsters an opportunity to drag you to the ground.

Phrase Meanings

Hair Length isn't shown in the status bar. It is mentioned when using the "examine" command. (Keeping this in case someone wants to fill in numbers for those phrases instead)

  1. Incredibly Short
  2. Short
  3. Top of Ears
  4. Bottom of Ears
  5. Chin Length
  6. Shoulder Length
  7. Nipple Length
  8. Elbow Length
  9. Belly Button Length
  10. Crotch Length
  11. Thigh Length
  12. Knee Length
  13. Calf Length
  14. Ankle Length
  15. Ground Length
  16. Dragging Length / Rapunzel Like


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Hair Length of the player in its calculations.

  • Hair Length has a ?% chance to trip the player when moving once it is at least ? long.
  • "Intelligent" monsters have a ?% chance to grab the players hair and drag them down. (not sure if it's monster-specific or if all monsters act the same)
    • The Success of this move is determined by Hair Length and the monster. (not sure) (formula?)
    • "Intelligent" monsters are generally those which the player can talk to.
    • Currently known monsters to grab the player's hair: Guard, Gladiator, Wench.(there are probably more but I didn't bother to test through all)
  • Hair Length contributes to bimbo score

Permanent Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that your raw Hair Length score can be permanently increased or decreased.

  • Hair grows naturally over time.
    • Hair growth rate (formula?
  • The player's real hair will eventually grow to the length of their virtual hair.
  • One of the fairy's attacks is to grow the players hair.
  • Drinking a cursed drink has a 1/6 chance to increase Hair Length. (+1)
  • Wearing any of the following will create a ?% chance to increase Hair Length each turn. (+1)
  • **Sitting** on the throne has a ?%(very high) chance to reset Hair Length back to "shoulder-length".
    • Will not trigger when Hair Length is shorter than "shoulder-length".
  • Depending on bimbo level using the knife in the hotel region will reduce hair length.
  • Fainting resets hair to the same length as the player's real world length.