Lipstick Collar

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This collar has small hooks on it, like the kind you might attach a leash to. Wearing it forces the player to make a slutty face, which makes them more submissive, and a small inscription on the inside of the collar reads "before the bite." Wearing this collar enables the player to take items from the pedestals in the Private Library for free, as long as the player is willing to deal with a Vampiress afterward.


  • Accessories
  • See category page for information common to all. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.

Ways of Obtaining


  • Decreases the player's chances of gaining Orifice Soreness, based on a combination of their makeup and lip size
  • Decreases the player's chance of gagging during oral sex, once again depending on makeup and lip size
  • Increases the "size" of facials, and creampies by 1.
  • Allows the player to take things from pedestals in the Private Library for free
  • Summons a vampiress to punish the player if the player takes anything they haven't paid for
    • Chains the player to the vampiress until:
      • The player has swallowed some semen, or received a creampie.
      • The player has been given a facial
      • The player has had sex with a monster
      • The vampiress has been defeated
      • The player leaves the Mansion