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Magic Modifier

All clothing items have a raw magic modifier ranging from -3 to +5. The impact of the modifier will depend on the clothing type, and what stat it influences, if any. Cursed items will usually be found with a negative raw modifier, and some items will have a fixed modifier depending on a variety of in-game factors.

Effects of magic modifiers by clothing type


  • Influence 'hindrance', i.e. trip chance, chance of failing to escape from combat


  • Influence the damage of knee attacks
  • Influence 'hindrance'


  • Influence the amount that it hampers intelligence

Equippable Weapons

  • Influence the damage of slap / zap attacks


Some items influence a given stat. This can mean wearing the item increases or decreases a stat by a specific value, or it can mean that the item influences how that stat functions. Magic modifiers affect influences, usually in a 1 to 1 ratio. An item that increases strength by 1 will increase strength by 4 if it has a raw modifier of +3, and an item that increases dexterity by 2 will reduce dexterity by 5 if it has a raw modifier of -7. The BUC status of the item works in a similar manner. Cursed items have their influenced stat reduced by 1, and blessed items have their influenced stat increased by 1.

Soak Levels

Depending on the fetishes selected at the start, clothing can be soaked in semen, milk, urine or a combination of all three. For every 3 points of soak, the magic modifier of the item used to decrease by 1. However this is no longer true since Release 10 Version 5.0.

Changing Influence

  • Items found in containers may have a magic modifier.
  • Items spawned by headwear may have a magic modifier, usually based on the player's state at that moment, somehow related to the headgear's class.
  • Alpha testers ($20 Patreon supporters) have access to the debug commands "imbue" and "dispel", which change magic modifier by +1 and -1 respectively.
  • When a virgin female takes the Sword of Purity it will acquire a magic modifier equal to the virgin bonus of the player.
  • Dildo Heels dropped by the Demoness will always have a +2 magic modifier.

Spawning Conditions

Some items will spawn in with a preset bonus (or malus) to their Magic Modifier if certain conditions are met. The known conditions are listed below:

  • Royal dresses get +1 for each alive friendly guard and -1 for each alive unfriendly guard.
  • Maid dresses get positive numbers for how long you've been crawling since you last stood up.
  • Cheerleader outfits get positive numbers the bigger your butt is.
  • Pom-poms get +1 if you're not wearing any clothing that conceals your butthole.
  • Schoolgirl tube tops get the temptation attribute but the miniskirt gets the confidence attribute.
  • Schoolgirl stockings (which require the tube top, miniskirt and tie to all be worn, or the schoolgirl outfit) always get +1.
  • The schoolgirl outfit (which only spawns if you have both scrunchies on) always have +1.
  • The cow print bikini top and plastic is fantastic dress get positive numbers from how large your breasts are.
  • The cow print boots and milking basque get positive numbers from how full of milk your breasts are.
  • The priestess outfit gets positive numbers from how many cursed items of clothing the player is wearing.
  • The virgin warrior kit gets positive numbers from the duration of time that has passed since you started caring about your virginity.
  • The fertility goddess outfits get positive numbers from the number of pregnancies you've birthed.
  • The silicone queen heels will get the speed attribute if the silicone volume of your breasts are high enough.
  • The human toilet stuff is just always neutral.
  • If the player is on their knees when they appear, the kitty cat claws and puppy claws get +1.
  • Sissy clothing gets increased numbers based on the number of worn sissy clothing.
  • Onesies get positive numbers from worn diapers, especially if they're used.
  • The broodmother stuff gets positive numbers depending on how large the wasp swarm is.
  • The cultist robe gets positive numbers the higher humiliation is.
  • The fairy wand gets positive numbers from the number of alive fairies.
  • The lycra bodysuit gets positive numbers from the amount of used condoms pinned to the cumdumpster hat.

List of Influences

An incomplete list of what items influence which stats, or are otherwise affected by magic modifier.


  • The Tiara influences intelligence (default +1).
  • The Royal Dress influences intelligence (default +1).
  • The Priestess Outfit influences intelligence (default +1).
  • The Bat Corset influences intelligence (default +1).
  • The Mystical Amulet influences intelligence (default +1).
  • The Stethoscope influences intelligence (default +3).
  • Wearing a Ballgag influences intelligence (default -1 small gag, -3 large gag, -5 huge gag).




Tattoos affects stats, but cannot be blessed or cursed and likely cannot spawn with magic modifiers.


Some items influence things other than main stats. It is unclear how this interacts with magic modifier in most cases.

  • The Maternity Dress influences belly weight based on pregnancy status and BUC.

Some items affect Bimbo. It is unclear whether this is affected by BUC or magic modifier in most cases.

  • Bras with the temptation attribute influence bimbo (default +2). This is affected by magic modifier.
  • A single hair scrunchie (i.e. ponytail) increases bimbo by 1.
    • A second hair scrunchie (i.e. pigtails) increases bimbo by another 1.
  • A green and gold latex dress worn with breasts larger than AA cup increases bimbo by 1.
  • A red Latex Dress worn with breasts larger than DD cup increases bimbo by 2.
  • A white Latex Dress increases bimbo by 1.
  • The sheer Maid Outfit increases bimbo by 1.
  • The super slutty V crotch Maid Outfit increases bimbo by 2.
  • A Latex Catsuit increases bimbo by 2.
  • A Fishnet Dress increases bimbo by 1.
  • A Nightie increases bimbo by 1.
  • The Evening Dress increases bimbo by 1 (2 for the deep V version).

Magical Attributes

Some items have a Magical Attribute. The effect of this attribute is affected by the BUC status of the item, and at least for some attributes it interacts with the magic modifier of the item.

  • Clothing with the protection attribute block 50% of attacks targeted at the part of the body the clothing covers. Magic modifier interacts with this chance.
  • Clothing with the speed attribute influences dexterity (default +1) and movement speed.
  • Clothing with the posture training attribute influences dexterity (default -1).
  • Heels with the stumbling attribute influences dexterity (default -1) and have increased difficulty.
  • Heels with the kicking attribute influence strength (default +1) and increase kick damage.
  • Clothing with the constriction attribute influence strength (default -1) and increase fatigue gain.
  • Clothing with the Endurance attribute influence strength (default +1) and reduce fatigue gain.
  • Bras with the temptation attribute influence bimbo (default +2) and sex addiction (default +4, BUC effects doubled).
  • Clothing with the dominance attribute influence sex addiction (default -4, BUC effects doubled).
  • Clothing with the suppression attribute decrease bimbo and humiliation gain.
  • Bras with the milk production attribute influence lactation rate.


Some items influence stats under certain circumstances or for certain classes or if the player is wearing certain other items. It is unknown how these items interact with magic modifier.

  • The [schoolgirl]] gets +2 intelligence for each scrunchie she is wearing.
  • If the player is wearing a Chastity Cage (and is horny?), intelligence is decreased by 1.
  • If the player has a no panties fetish but is wearing panties, their intelligence and dexterity are decreased by 2.
  • When not cursed, catsuits and latex dresses increase dexterity by 1 for each worn latex item, including themselves.

Some items affect stats, but it is not clear whether they influence them or whether this interacts with magic modifier.

  • Each worn piercing increases strength by 1.
  • The Lip Piercing and Nose Piercing decrease intelligence by 1 unless blessed.
  • The Earrings increase intelligence by 1 if blessed.
  • Wearing non-blessed fake nails decreases the intelligence of the player by 1. Fake nails influence strength and dexterity (default -1).
  • Being bound at the wrists decreases dexterity by 1.
  • Being bound at the ankles decreases dexterity by 1.
  • Having the strut skill active whilst walking in high heels increases dexterity by 5.

Being of a certain class can affect stats. It is unclear whether this causes any items to influence any stats, or be affected by magic modifier.

  • The latex fetish model has her dexterity increased by 3 for each cursed latex item she is wearing (except the hood).
  • The latex fetish model has her strength increased by 2 for each bondage item she is wearing (only by 1 if the item is cursed).
  • The silicone queen's dexterity is increased by 1 if she has over 10 units of silicone in her breasts.
    • Her dexterity is increased by a further 3 (net +4) if she has over 18 units of silicone in her breasts.
  • When the player is the cheerleader, dexterity is increased by the hair blondness of the player.
  • The priestess has their dexterity increased by 1 and strength decreased by 1.
  • Wearing the full cowgirl class outfit increases strength by an amount proportionate to how full your breasts are with milk.
    • 0 - 20 units gives no increase
    • 21 units gives an increase of 1, and over 65 units gives an increase of 7. The increments get closer together as the number of units rises, so the worthwhile reward only really comes from an extreme number of units.
  • The strength of the player is increased by the virgin bonus value of a female player.