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Some clothing are generated with a magical attribute, or gain one later one. Sometimes they affect stats, like Magic Modifiers, but the player will probably care more about the unique effects that occur because of the attribute. Effects that add, remove, or change magical attributes are rare, so it may be useful to think of them as being like enchantments. The BUC status of an "enchanted" item can interact with its attribute, including any stat increases or decreases it affords the wearer.


Blandness is the "default" magical attribute. While other attributes will change the name of the item so that it reads "X of Y", this attribute doesn't affect the name at all. Most items have the blandness attribute.

Positive Attributes


  • Appears on the Maternity Dress and the Milkmaid Apron Skirt
    • Always
  • Appears on onesies
    • 1 in 2 chance
  • Appears on bras
    • 1 in 9 chance
  • Appears on the Cupless Bra or Baby Booties when summoned by clothing of dressup.
  • Clothes with this attribute will unsoak naturally over time
  • They will also periodically unsoak "adjacent" clothing
  • Wearing additional pieces of absorption clothing with the maternity dress will have a more "perfect" absorption effect.









  • Appears on sex toys
  • Upon insertion, lubricates the orifice the affected clothing was inserted into.
  • Prevents lubricant in an orifice from drying out while affected clothing is inserted



  • Appears on certain bras and overdresses
  • Decreases bimbo
  • Reduces the rate at which the player gains humiliation

Negative Attributes

Audible Jiggles

  • Appears on Schoolgirl outfits after transforming.
    • More likely bigger the player's breasts
  • Appears on Cheerleader outfits and the Tartan Tube Top
    • More likely the closer the player is to their maximum bust size.
  • Sometimes applied to cursed bras of Blandness when the player's breasts are very large and the player has Fasion Victim enabled.
  • Humiliates the player every turn
  • Decreases the player's |stealth score by 6.


  • Any bra can be converted to a bra of augmentation by Icarus.
  • Causes breasts to grow periodically.
    • If Artificial Enhancements are enabled, the growth will be in the form of silicon implants.
    • If Artificial enhancements aren't enabled and Air Inflation is, the growth will be in the form of air.
    • If both of the above are false, then the growth is a plain increase.
  • Causes bras to grow along with bust size, even if not blessed.
    • Doesn't allow the bra to exceed its maximum size.

Bed wetting


  • Appears on corsets
    • 1 in 9 chance
  • Decreases Strength by 1.
    • Strength-influencing items are not affected.
  • Makes the player gain fatigue faster
  • When worn, forces out any liquids in the player's belly.
  • Decreases effective Belly Size by 4.




  • Appears on The Demon Tail Plug
  • Appears on Blue Dildo
    • 1 in 2 chance.
  • Appears on plugs
    • 1 in 4 chance if the plug's starting size is below 4.
  • Causes toys to periodically increase their size while inserted.



  • Applied to clothing placed on the Hotel Altar (1 in 4 chance)
    • Always
  • Makes the affected item count as demonic
  • Has a chance to cause recoil damage or pain when the player kicks, knees or slaps.

Milk Production


  • Appears on the Blue Fetish Dress summoned by the dress painting in the Mansion
    • Always
  • Sometimes applied to a random clothing after attacking with the Pocket Necronomicon
  • Applied to clothing when rubbing it with Ectoplasm.
  • Prevents clothing from being ripped when sex toys or eggs are forced out of the player's orifices.
    • If there is another layer of clothing ontop of the possessed clothing, there is a chance of both pieces of clothing becoming clothing of possession. Chance is higher the fewer possessed clothing the player has.
  • Has a 3 in 7 chance to prevent clothing damage.
  • Has a chance to prevent damage from attacks.
  • Periodically grope the player.
  • Makes clothing count as demonic

Posture Training

  • Appears on the Princess Bride Dress before the player gets married, heels summoned by the latex prisoner fetish or the Witch, and corsets summoned by the witch.
    • Always
  • Appears on cursed bodysuits
    • 1 in 2 chance.
  • Appears on cursed heels
    • 1 in 4 chance
  • Appears on stockings
    • 1 in 7 chance.
      • If messing is enabled, has a 1 in 2 chance to be replaced by the desperation attribute.
  • Appears on corsets
    • 1 in 9 chance.
  • Once the player has reached a certain heel skill level, cursed posture training items will uncurse and will increase the player's and hip size.
    • If they are not removed, they will do this again for every additional increase in heel skill.
  • This enchantment decreases dexterity by 1 (-1)
    • Clothing that already influence dexterity are not affected.
  • Increases the chance of the "Get better at walking in heels" curse quest.
  • Makes the player gain heel skill faster.
    • Blessed or uncursed clothing of posture training have twice the benefit.


  • Appears on any clothing that normally generate without magical attributes if fashion victim is enabled.
  • Appears on corsets
    • 1 in 9 chance.
  • Automatically tries to transform the clothing when the player puts it on.


  • Appears on sex toys
  • 1 in 10 chance
  • 1 in 2 chance for Green Dildo
  • Every 40 to 100 turns, affected clothing have a chance to squirt a random liquid into the orifice they are inserted into, healing orifice soreness.
    • Water will heal the player's orifice by 1 (2 if blessed)
    • Semen will heal the player's orifice by the amount of semen created. (decreased by 1 if not blessed)
    • Urine (only if the item is inserted into the player's asshole, and watersports fetish is enabled), heals the same amount as water.
  • Quadruples the amount of Belly Strain the player can handle.