Maid Headdress

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Clothing - Headgear - Unique

A maid headdress that appears on the player when they crawl around for a while. This headdress is the first item needed to become the maid, since it is the only way of obtaining the maid outfit.

Ways of Obtaining

See the article on the maid class.


  • Price: Cannot be bought
  • Humiliation: 5
  • Material: Cotton


  • (Whilst worn)
    • Can spawn the maid outfit.
      • Requires the player to not be wearing another overdress.
    • Prevents hair colour from resetting when the player faints.
    • Has a very small chance of spawning a chastity cage on the player.
      • Requires a maid outfit to be worn and for the player to not be wearing underwear.
    • Can reduce the hair brightness of the player periodically.
    • Can increase the hair length of the player periodically.
  • (When worn)
    • As with all headgear, it will curse itself again.