Maid Outfit

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Maid Outfit


Clothing - Overdress - Common


The maid outfit has several variants, all of which can materialize on you as a result of wearing a cursed maid headdress. The variant that appears depends on the player's bimbo score at the time it materializes, added to a randomly generated number. They are all functionally equivalent, except the more slutty ones raise bimbo meter. The maid outfit influences strength.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Bought or stolen from the dungeon shop.
    • Will be the V-shaped variant.
  • May materialise cursed on player when following criteria are met:
    • Player is not wearing an overdress already.
    • The player is wearing the maid headdress.


The outfits are ordered from least slutty to most slutty.

  1. Playboy maid outfit
  2. Cheap maid outfit
  3. Fetish maid outfit
  4. Pink two piece slutty maid outfit
  5. Sheer maid outfit
  6. V shape maid outfit


  • Price: ?
  • Humiliation: (variation number * 2) + 8
  • Bimbo contribution: +0
    • Pink: +1
    • V-crotch: +2
  • Exclusive? No.
  • Skirt length: None
    • Pink: short
    • Playboy: knee-length
    • PVC: No.
  • Blocks nipples? Yes
    • V-shaped: No if the player has breasts larger than (G?)
  • Blocks crotch? Yes
    • Displaced or ripped? Both.
    • Pink: no.
    • Playboy: no.
    • Cheap: no.
  • Transparency: Dense
    • Pink: Sheer
    • Sheer: Sheer
  • Material: Cotton
    • Fetish: latex
    • Cheap: pvc
    • Sheer: nylon
    • V-shaped: denim
  • Possible Magical Attributes: None


  • (Whilst worn)
  • (When worn)
    • 3 seconds pass


In old releases of the game, the only variety of maid outfit was type 4.