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The mannequin is a monster found in the Woods region. It will try to apply make-up to the players face. If a player already has full make-up it will force an orgasm out of the player instead. If the player has full make-up, at least chin-length hair, and is not wearing a headgear already, the mannequin may force the player to wear a Scrunchie. Depending on the length of the player's hair, the mannequin may give them two scrunchies instead.

Difficulty Rating

[let Aika fill this in]


[let Aika fill this in]


Mechanical Part


Attempt to trip over / Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

(The mannequin may take the following actions upon victory, in order of preference)

(Ass-length hair; Always) Puts a scrunchie in the player's hair

(Artificial enchancements; Always) Places a Rubber Top Hat onto the player

Increases the player's make-up by 1

Increases the player's ass soreness until they have an anal orgasm

(Chin-length hair or longer) Puts a scrunchie in the players hair

(Breasts contain silicon) Glues fake nails to the player's fingers

(Artificial enhancements; no headgear) Puts hair extensions in player's hair

(Presented mouth or face with maximum makeup) Makes the makeup permanent

Ways to make unfriendly

Be in the same room / Attack / Greet

Ways to make friendly

Cannot be made friendly

Assistance in combat

Applies make-up or hair extensions




Yes, but only if the player is already kneeling when the Mannequin enters the room.


(Discuss how best to deal with this monster, and note anything important not already mentioned in the article)

Assuming the player is "ready" for the forest (decent stats and heels), a single mannequinn shouldn't be a problem. The situation can quickly become dangerous when another monster joins the fight, which will happen frequently when just starting out.

It's better to try and move the fight to a different room in order to avoid fighting two monsters at the same time. Attacking should only take priority if it's likely that the mannequin will be defeated by this attack anyway.

This is especially important for the first mannequin, because the dungeon exit is not a safe zone, like the royal chamber is. Going back to the dungeon mid-fight is also possible, but the enemies will already be waiting when the players goes up the next time.

Subsequent fights shouldn't be hard as long as the player is not worn out or forced into fighting multiple enemies. Evading the mannequin's attacks requires very high dexterity, so one should expect to get hit most of the time.

Note that Mannequins are like Sex Dolls in that a new one will automatically spawn if there are none left on the floor.