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A pro Nanny who only appears with diapers enabled. She can change the player's diaper when friendly. Once angered, she will go much further, forcing the player into diapers even when they don't need them, and force feeding or spanking the player whenever they return.


  1. Blessed baby's bottle


  • Basic slap
  • Basic trip

Actions upon victory

  • Drags the player back to the Adult Nursery.
  • Forces a diaper onto the player.
    • Males in chastity who have pleased the matron can be given a prostate massage during the diapering.
  • If the player is already diapered:
    • If the player is not wearing any headgear, and the matron is unfriendly, she can put a baby's bonnet onto the player's head, beginning the transformation into the adult baby class.
    • If the player is an adult baby, she will sometimes confiscate all vessels except baby's bottles, and sometimes even confiscate necklaces, claiming that they are hers.
    • If the player fought back, she will give them a spanking.
    • If the player didn't fight back, she will force feed the player, increasing incontinence.
      • If the player enabled messing at the start of the game, after they've been force fed, food will be tracked and eventually the player will need to go number two.
        • The mechanics and scenes for this occur if and only if the player is wearing a diaper and is in the hotel region and the matron is still alive. The diaper is changed immediately by the matron after the scene happens.
        • The matron can sometimes trigger the scene on her own during a diaper check. Requires high sex addiction (i.e. submissiveness).


The matron will become hostile under any of the following conditions:

  • The player has a bimbo score of 15 or greater
  • The player pees on the floor in front of the matron
  • The player masturbates in front of the matron
    • Masturbating through a diaper won't anger her
  • The player is fully incontinent
  • Attacking.


  • Difficulty: 16
  • Hitpoints: 20-23
  • Girth: N/A
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? No.
  • Motion: Stays in adult nursery until unfriendly. After she turns unfriendly, she will start wandering the halls looking for you.


No, the matron is not interested in sex.


Fighting the matron is probably not worth it, she's quite strong and unless you have some very valuable underwear on, being diapered is not too big a deal. If you're already in a diaper, the force feeding will increase incontinence, which is not ideal but still probably not worth a risky fight.