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The Mechanic is a sadistic man found in the hotel. He's friendly at first, but all it takes is for him to notice the player when they're on your knees and he becomes aggressive. If he knocks the player down, he will place a Steel Collar around their neck, which prevents them from cooling off over time when horny. The "easiest" way to remove it is to give the mechanic a special item, which will give him the power to transform into something far more monstrous.


  • Energy Drink


  1. Attempt to trip over
  2. Smack with wrench, heavily increasing body soreness

Actions upon victory

  • Attempts to place a Steel Collar around the player's neck
    • He will not do this if either of you are carrying a mystical amulet
    • Obviously, the neck slot must be free.
  • Steals the mystical amulet from the player, if they have it.
    • If he does, there is a 50/50 chance he immediately transforms into Lord Xavier.
    • If he doesn't transform, the player will receive a random reward:
      • Bonus to strength
      • Bonus to dexterity
      • Bonus to intelligence(highest likelihood)
      • A free demon codpiece
    • He will also remove the collar, if the player is wearing one.
  • Fucks the players anally, orally, or vaginally.
    • The player may offer the mechanic a condom before anal or vaginal sex
      • He'll usually take the condom off and finish inside you anyway when he's done
        • if the player is more enticing, he'll keep it on a little longer and only pull it off halfway through
          • In this case, the player will still have to deal with the condom being pinned on their clothes, since he actually came in it.
  • If the player is the princess, he will rip off their dress at his first opportunity


The mechanic is intially friendly as long as none of the following conditions are met:

  • A bimbo score of 15 or higher
  • Be a latex sex doll
  • Let him notice you while you are on your knees
  • Wear or carry a mystical amulet
  • Break a spraybottle when he is nearby
  • Attack a robot when he is nearby
  • Be the princess.

Offering infernal gems to the mechanic will appease him for a while

    • Offer enough and you'll get a reward
    • Offer too many and you might regret it


  • The mechanic can teach the dominance skill, which gives submissive players higher chances at success when attempting dominant sex.
  • The mechanic is unfriendly once he's given you his amulet quest, but provided he doesn't turn into an "even more powerful monster" when he gets it, he goes back to being friendly.
  • The maid can offer a broken spraybottle to the mechanic and have sex with him to get it fixed.


  • Difficulty: 12
  • Hitpoints: 49
  • Girth: 4
  • Mess: Semen, 3 units.
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? Yes.


  • Hotel Mechanic


The mechanic may listen to your presentations, but he might not. He's like any other monster in this regard.


The mechanic is not as tanky as other monsters, but his difficulty is extremely high, and his wrench hits quite hard. If you plan on fighting him, keep in mind that his attacks are very accurate even with high dexterity, and if he has a mystical amulet with him, he will become even stronger at half health. To beat the mechanic, keep plenty of healing items on hand, and make sure your strength is very high, since he will eventually outdamage you if the fight doesn't end quickly. It can be risky to wander around in the hotel on your knees, but as long as you know where the Laundry Room is, you will save yourself a lot of trouble by making sure you stay on your feet. Likewise, the mechanic is aggressive to excessively high bimbo players, but its very unlikely to ever reach the point where he becomes aggressive, unless you're very close to losing the game anyway. The mechanic will repair any broken robots he comes into contact with, so come up with a plan to get rid of the mechanic if you'd like any bellboys or robochefs you kill to stay dead.