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NPC - Boss NPC

The minotaur is the "Boss" of the Dungeon Area. He is always found in the Cage Room, although he will roam freely once he has been freed from his cage. It is wise to be aware of the location of the cage room before pulling the lever in the Prison Guard's Bedroom. Up until release 1.6.1, killing the minotaur was the only way to win the game.






Minotaur horn


Attempt to trip over / Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

Fuck the player, either anally or vaginally

Ways to make unfriendly

The minotaur is always unfriendly once he's noticed you.

Ways to make friendly

Be pregnant with his baby/ Enter the Royal Chambers

Assistance in combat

  • Attacks before any other monster in the room. If he sees another monster, he will immediately kill it, even if he is already fighting the player.
  • If he finds another monster in the process of fucking you, he'll shove them out of the way and take over






In the event that you lose to the minotaur, the hole he chooses to have sex with largely determines whether or not you will live through the encounter. It is also important to note that his hitpoints when the rape begins play a part in how long it lasts. If you are the only two living things left in the dungeon, its always better to try and fight him, since normal monsters respawn when the dungeon resets, and he doesn't. Alternatively, if you know you won't faint if he rapes you, you can let him fuck you on purpose because he will be low on Hitpoints when he's done. Taking out the minotaur by brute force is very difficult task and is very close to cheating with lots of reloads to maximize damage even for a maxed out character. The player can try to lure the minotaur to other NPCs in the dungeon to earn free attacks when the minotaur attacks unlucky NPCs. Possible the minotaur spends stamina/HP on female NPCs. Use heels like Heel.

Anal sex

  • If the player is male, or unable to get pregnant, the minotaur will always penetrate them anally.
  • The character has high chances to receives Anal slut title in the process
  • If the minotaur runs out of stamina before the character faints, he will pass out on top of them and trap them until he wakes up.
    • The character can escape being trapped, but conditions to success is not clear
      • This means the player can interrupt his nap to fight him at lowered health.
      • A strategy relying on this requires the player to pull the lever and then find the minotaur quickly, since he roams the dungeon killing/raping everything in his path.
    • If he is allowed to complete his nap, he will wake up at full health
    • Every turn spent trapped underneath him has a chance to increase orifice soreness and decrease intelligence
    • Trying to resit trapped under the minotaur will end up with second round of fucking when the minotaur awakes and possible another chance to escape
    • If there is another monster in the room, they will fish the player out from underneath the minotaur so they can rape even in second hole which is technically impossible

Vaginal sex

  • If the player is a Cowgirl, and the pregnancy fetish is enabled, the minotaur will try to penetrate them vaginally
  • If the sum of the player's bust size and hip size is greater than a random number between ? and ?, and the pregnancy fetish is enabled, the minotaur will try to penetrate them vaginally.
    • He seems to reliably fuck the player's vagina if she (requirement) has the "Voluptuous" title. (applied when the player has large hips)
  • The minotaur won't trap the player after fucking them vaginally, making this the easiest way to shave off the last 30~40 hp, assuming a "completely fine" pussy.
  • Getting raped with more remaining hp will almost always result in the player fainting, because even with lube and while submitting, the chance to avoid soreness gains seems rather low. (Untested with max/very loose vaginas)
    • While under the effect of an elixir of life, orifice soreness may be healed, increasing the time the player can endure. Since this isn't reliable, one shouldn't count on it.
    • Wearing the unholy cum dump's undergarment could be used for an easy win over the minotaur, or for being bred repeatedly without having to worry about orifice soreness.