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This page lists all NPCs with short descriptions to easily find and identify the different NPCs on the wiki. These descriptions should only contain the essentials with a link going to the specific NPC page for detailed information. As of now NPC is basically a synonym for monster because there are no NPCs in the game that can't turn hostile(except barbara.). Some of NPC monsters can be fucked by the characters after victory. The character decreases level of humiliation and decreases level of sex addiction. However NPC will become hostile and will attempt to take a revenge. Difficulty of NPC will be increased as a reward for next defeat. The player should be careful to no to create a monster which can't be beaten.

Dungeon NPCs

The following NPC's can be found in the dungeon region


Probably the first monster one encounters. Usually friendly at first but will turn hostile once the player has been sufficiently sluttified. While friendly he can be very useful, since he assists princesses in combat and supplies water without drawbacks when asked.


While friendly the player can learn the deepthroat skill from her. Since wearing uncursed underwear will turn the wench hostile the player should be cautious early on. Beating her shouldn't be too hard and she'll drop a blouse that is useful for keeping humiliation in check when cleaned.


As the name implies he runs a shop in the dungeon. He sells the player clothes in exchange for jewelry. Stealing from him understandably turns him hostile and will also turn any guards in the dungeon hostile.


Aside from the minotaur the strongest NPC in the dungeon. Losing means being dragged through the dungeon into a room with pink smoke to increase your breast size. Attacking a gladiator will eventually trigger a curse that will permanently change the way she interacts with the player. Gladiators will become friendly once the player has large enough breasts, which gives the player the opportunity to learn her skill.

Futanari Gladiator

A transformed form of the Gladiator.

Sex Doll

Since it is a mindless being the sex doll can't turn friendly. It turns hostile depending on the Bimbo score of the player. Kneeling in front of them always turns them hostile. They are easy enemies but can also easily swarm a bimboified player if one cannot engage them directly.

Forest NPCs

The following NPCs can be found in the forest region.


A fellow "victim" of the game. She will follow the player around after talking to her and assists him/her with fighting monsters. Beware of her stupidity if you are playing the game for a while, because she can set the minotaur free from his cage once bimboified enough Fun Fact: While it is an act of stupidity this also means that she's currently the only NPC intelligent enough to use stairs.


The demoness has no interest in players without heels. Only players with very high heels can avoid turning her hostile. She can teach the player the strut skill, and she can offer "deals" to players who are willing to offer their bodies. While hostile she will heat up the ground in the room and melt heels into the ground. Losing to her should be avoided if possible since she plays rather rough with her victims.


A mischievous little pregnant fairy. Transforms the player in various ways when "bored" or hostile. Prolonged "exposure" to this NPC is not recommended. While friendly the player can learn belly support from the fairy. The fairy will assist pregnant players during fights.


"Guardian" of the woods altar. She requires jewelry from the player to let them use "her" altar. Paying her is usually the better idea since fighting her is on the same difficulty scale as the bosses.


It can't turn friendly because it is a mindless monster. It will try to apply make-up to the players face. If a player already has full make-up it will force an orgasm out of the player instead. If the player has full make-up, at least chin-length hair, and is not wearing a headgear already, the mannequin may force the player to wear a scrunchie. Depending on the length of the player's hair, the mannequin may give them two scrunchies instead.

Giant Wasp

A monster who lives in the forest. It will anally impregnate you with its eggs and then should become friendly and protect you as long as some remain inside you.

Wild Gladiator

A variant of the Gladiator that appears in the forest region.


"I am bound by the law of Djinni to grant you one wish, within reason. But if you don't wish for a suck of my cock, I'll make your life miserable afterwards."

-the Djinn, upon first meeting the player

A Djinn who roams the forest. Upon meeting him he will grant you a wish, if you wish for a suck of his cock he will be friendly afterwards and only mess with the player like a fairy. Although if you wish for something nice he will be hostile afterwards and attack the player.

The Djinn is probably a reference to the story "Simon the Wanderer," from the webcomic Oglaf[1].

Mansion NPCs

The following NPCs can be found in the mansion region.


Members of a cult that inhabits the mansion. They desire to either use the player to breed their spawn or induct the player in to their cult.


The mansion's spectral inhabitants. They appear curious about the player at first, but given enough time they are likely to pin the player to the ground. Also, clothing does not appear to stop them from using the player as they wish.


A male hound that is as tall as you are. It's appearance shows that it is not from this plane of existence. Would like to breed with the player and takes her to it's home.


A Futanari vampire that is protective of the library in the mansion. She is only summoned when wearing the lipstick collar. If she inseminates you anally she will trigger the vampire spawn class.

Deep One

A cross between a fish, a frog, and a man. This monster is summoned to avenge the death of the cultists.


Disguises as other NPCs and reveals herself when you attack. Trades valuable jewellery for useful items, including the items necessary for the vixen class.

Hotel NPCs

The following NPCs can be found in the hotel region.


An extreme fetishist who is owned by a dominatrix Mistress. If unfriendly she can drag you to her Domme, stretch you with her fingers / fist, or partake in some watersports scenes if they are enabled.


A pro Domme who can take a liking to the NPC, giving them compulsory sessions for free. If the player doesn't fight back, they will either receive strapon training or boot licking training. If they do fight back but lose, they'll be whipped or spanked. The spanking scene can involve hotel patrons using the player's face.


A pro Nanny who only appears with diapers enabled. She can change the player's diaper when friendly. Once angered, she will go much further, forcing the player into diapers even when they don't need them, and force feeding or spanking the player whenever they return.

Hotel Patron

The patron(s) only appear when the player rests on certain beds. The player will be locked in the room with the man who expects to be served by a prostitute. Serving the patron(s) without fighting back earns the player cheap jewellery.


A powerful man who wants you to find the mystical amulet for him, and will collar you to force you to do this for him. He can also fix spraybottles for maids.


This robot NPC will either give you slutty clothing or drag you to a patron bed and activate it, depending on your sluttiness.


This robot NPC will force feed you if you have an empty stomach and you haven't tipped him recently.


This robot NPC will assfuck you, filling you with a mix of whatever bodily fluids you have enabled.

Other Monsters

The following monsters can exist in multiple regions.


A female airbender who loves puns. She uses air to form invisible sex organs that can rape the player, or to mess with them in various ways. Found on both floors unless air inflation is disabled, in which case she only appears in the forest. Aeromancers can still be spawned by npc traps in the dungeon, although all dungeon area versions of this monster are weaker.


A outherworldly creature that spawns if the player's intelligence rises too high above it's starting point. It assails you with psychic forces that will cause fatigue. Once kneeling it will drain your intelligence. Also may place a spawn inside of you that will further influence your mind.

Tentacle monster

A many-armed beast born from the player and an otherwordly creature. If the player gets pregnant by the vines, living belt of sturdiness, or the lake monster, their baby will be a tentacle monster. Tentacle monsters are aggressive to the player as long as they are not pregnant, and gain the ability to penetrate them in more holes as they grow in side.


The title should be pretty intuitive, but as of now this simply means that they are unique one-of-a-kind NPCs. If you kill one of these monsters at any time, they will never appear again. No, Barbara doesn't count.


The boss of the dungeon. In previous versions he served as the victory condition for the game. While he is indeed mighty and strong he doesn't pose much of a threat since he is locked in a cage until the player (or Barbara) releases them. Experienced players should be able to take him down consistently since all it really takes is planning ahead. (Or just leave him in the cage)

Vine Boss

This boss makes your life in the forest harder. The player will be confronted with its vines in some rooms of the forest. When the player is caught in the vines his/her body will be used for 4 turns before belly size will increase with their massive load. Drops a writhing vine on defeat that can be crafted into the whip of domination.

Demon Lord

The boss of the hotel. The Demon Lord uses fairly generic attacks and doesn't have much hp, but he only takes damage from certain equipment and classes. He drops very valuable jewelry upon his defeat.

Valleyhotep the Herald

The boss of the mansion. The Herald only appears after the Doom Quest is allowed to run to completion. She attacks using pink bursts of lighting, which heavily fatigue and arouse the player. She drops a single gold necklace upon defeat

Slutty Sisters

The final boss(es). They want to double team you and make you faint before they get tired. It's very important to knee the bulging slutty sister to make her belly smaller because otherwise you will likely overdose on semen before you finish eating her out. But if you completely empty her then you'll find it harder to make her orgasm before you suffocate, so aim for some middle ground.

Updated for version 9.22