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  • A chocolate truffle, garnished with a thick sugary glaze.
  • A chocolate truffle with a design stencilled into its surface to make it look like the tip of an erect penis, complete with a drop of sugary glaze where semen would shoot out.
  • A chocolate truffle with a design stencilled onto its surface and an 'icing' basin on top to make it look like a recently creampied pussy.
  • A flaky brown croissant, drizzled with rich dark chocolate.
  • A golden brown cinnamon roll, drizzled with thick white icing.
  • A cupcake with colourful icing.
  • A loaf of bread.
  • A penis shaped cookie.
  • A cinnamon roll moulded to look like a pussy, with all the icing pooled in the center.
  • A large mushroom stuffed with tasty ingredients.
  • A large mushroom stuffed with tasty ingredients that smell thoroughly of semen.
  • A large mushroom covered with thick, white semen.
  • An unappetising mess of vaguely edible food. It doesn't seem like it would taste very good.


Ways of Obtaining


  • Truffle
  • Pastry
  • Stuffed Mushroom
  • Disaster


  • Chef foods have three parameters that default to one: quality, fat and doses.
    • Pastries default to three doses.
    • Low quality food has a suggestive description. Poor quality food has semen on it. Both have a negative quality rating.
    • After the food is eaten dose times, it disappears.


  • If the player has weight gain fetish enabled, eating the food will alter its quality based on player arm fat and previous quality.
    • otherwise increase fatigue based on the fat of the food, with more fat being more fatiguing.
  • After the above computation, the humiliation of the player is affected based on the quality of the food. Positive quality lowers humiliation, negative quality increases it.
  • Reduces body soreness based on the fat level.
  • Increases stomach fullness by two unless the quality is poor, in which case it increases the stomach fullness by one and the semen level by one.
  • Eating a disaster increases Delicateness.