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Ways of Obtaining

  • Drinks are fluids found in vessels and tanks.
    • Vessels may be found already full (cans), filled manually in tanks, or filled manually with bodily fluids as they leave the player's belly via the backdoor.


  • Drinks have a primary characteristic called color.
  • The effect of a colored drink is randomized in each game.
  • A player will generally remember the effect of a color unless they can't be certain of how the curse occurred (e.g. is the vessel cursed or is it the color?), or they are a Forgetful Airhead.
    • The color of liquid a Tank has the same effects as the Can of the same color.
    • A blessed vessel may negate the effects of a cursed drink but may also remove the blessing of the vessel.
      • Drinking a cursed drink from an uncursed vessel may curse the vessel.
    • Conversely a cursed vessel will always ruin a normally beneficial drink.
    • Once a colored liquid is drunk in a given game, the player will remember the effects of that color unless.
      • When drinking a curse from a vessel, the negative effect may be produced by the vessel OR the color of the drink, and thus the player won't know the source, and therefore the color is left unidentified.
        • The exception to this is cans, which are never found cursed, and so will always result in the identification of the color.
  • Certain vessels always inflict the same negative effect on the player regardless of the source of the curse, for example the novelty mug increases breast size (or lactation if the appropriate fetish is enabled).
  • Delivering a drink via an enema has similar but different effects to drinking it, and ignores vessel curses, so the drink color will always be identified.
  • Dumping out a drink does nothing except for semen (creamy), urine (golden) and milk (white) drinks which create an appropriate fluid puddle on the ground.
  • Drinking a beneficial potion on a full stomach has a high chance of nullifying the effect, to discourage the player from downing an entire tank full of a potion of might in one sitting.


  • blue
  • bronze
  • clear
  • creamy (always semen)
  • golden (always urine)
  • green
  • grey
  • magenta
  • murky (always mixture of bodily fluids)
  • purple
  • scarlet
  • silver
  • white (always milk)


The Fixed Effects are constant from one playing of the game to the next. The remaining colors are randomly assigned either a Beneficial Effect or a Cursed Effect.

Beneficial Effects

Cursed Effects

Every time a curse is drunk, unless the vessel has a unique punishment (e.g. squirt dildo always converts the liquid to semen), the player suffers a random result from the following effects:

Fixed Effects