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  • This lacy hair-band consists of a surprising amount of material. Black satin ribbons and white ruffled lace comprise the item. It is a hallmark of domestic subservience.
  • You are wearing a maid's headdress on top of your (hair description).


Character Class Outfits


Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize when crawling, if the player does not have very low dignity. Chance increases the more rooms are crawled through in a row without standing up.
  • May be materialized by picking up the Pink Spraybottle.


  • Humiliation: 5


  • May grow hair.
  • May slow decay or increase the brightness, blondeness or redness of hair.
  • May materialize other elements of the Maid Outfit
  • May materialize a Chastity Cage


  • The maid headdress will periodically may cause them to drop and break their Pink Spraybottle and will punish them if they do.