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  • This bizarre piece of 'clothing' consists of a small hollow plug for your asshole. Some clear rubber tubing exits the rear of the plug, connecting the hollow plug to a small solid black pumping device that rests at the small of your back, quietly humming. Two more identical clear tubes exit the top of this device and travel up your back, splitting near your shoulders where one tube travels over each shoulder and down to clear suction cups which are latched onto your nipples. In this way the milking harness seems built to drain your breasts of mil] and pump it into your asshole!


  • Overdresses
  • See category page for information common to all overdresses. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.

Ways of Obtaining


  • Soak Limit: Fluid immune.


  • Latex


  • Transfers varying quantities of milk from breasts to ass.
    • Increases arousal when this happens.