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  • This small pink butt plug has a narrow shaft and is probably meant for beginners.
  • This silver metal butt plug has a flared base and decent sized bulb to prevent it from going all the way in or from slipping out easily and a jewel on the base to decorate your asshole.
  • This black butt plug is has a flared base and quite a large round bulb to prevent it from going all the way in or from slipping out easily. The girth of bulb makes it clear that it is not for use by beginners but by someone that is used to having their asshole stretched.
  • This blue-green butt plug is absolutely massive. The widest part of the plug is much much larger than any human penis could ever hope to be, and there is no chance it would ever fall out of an asshole on its own. It's shaped like a fish, and you have absolutely no idea why.
  • This dark brown translucent butt plug is a ridiculously comical size. Anyone managing to fit this inside them would have their hole kept open wider than a 2 litre bottle.


  • Sex Toy
  • See the category page for information common to all. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.


Ways of Obtaining


  • Wearing a plug means that the orifice it is in is no longer exposed.
  • Plugs prevent the orifice they are in from expelling fluid.
  • Increases orifice ruin from the Paddle Trap.
  • Some monsters will be unable to remove cursed plugs and some monsters are disinclined to use an orifice plugged with a toy.