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  • A small pink choker with a pull cord at the back.
  • This pink latex choker feels too small, but apparently stretches just enough that it fits your neck like a second skin. It makes adjusting it into the right spot on your neck a real bitch. It has no clear way to remove it. However there is a small plastic ring connected to a metal cord that you can pull at the back.


  • Accessories
  • See category page for information common to all. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.

Ways of Obtaining


  • Once worn, the collar is unremovable by any other means than its own effect, including Monsters.
  • The string can be pulled by monsters as well as by the player.
  • Collars track how many times they have been pulled and effects are determined in part by that count.


  • Pulling the string or having it pulled can affect a wide variety of Statistics including semen addiction, sex addiction, strength, dexterity, intelligence, incontinence and humiliation. Unlike most clothing items, this depends on randomness, who pulled the string and what fetishes the player has. It does not depend on magic modifier.
  • String pulling may also apply one of two permanent fetishes per pull, the no panties fetish and the short skirts fetish.
    • The no panties fetish prevents wearing Knickers other than Diapers.
    • The short skirts fetish has two levels, the first of which permits short and super-short Skirts and the second only permits super-short skirts.
  • After a certain number of pulls, future pulls may cause the collar to break and fall off.