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  • A white shirt with collar and tie, a black fleece and a short black skirt.
  • A white strapless top half, fashioned like a school blouse, is attached to a pink and black tartan miniskirt, with long shoulder straps in the same tartan pattern.
  • A white, relatively modest (for this game) short-sleeved top, fashioned in the style of a schoolgirl uniform that has a small horizontal slit above your breasts to show some cleavage . At the top it has a collar and a rebelliously short tie.
  • A red tartan miniskirt that barely covers your crotch.
  • A blue and white tartan pattern adorns this tiny outfit, which is closer to a skimpy swimsuit than an item of clothing, but is fashioned like a schoolgirl outfit, complete with tiny collar and tie.


  • Overdresses
  • See category page for information common to all overdresses. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.


  • cheeky
  • provocative
  • halloween
    • two kinds that differ in description/image only.
  • minimalist

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