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  • You jump in shock as you feel your (hair description) twisted tightly together behind you, and a scrunchie added! Your hair is now in a ponytail!
  • An elastic blue hair tie used to style hair.
  • A pink puffy hair tie used to style hair.



  • Blue
  • Pink

Character Class Outfits

Ways of Obtaining

  • A blue scrunchie is in the Apothecary and a second one is in the Hotel Library.
  • A pink scrunchie may materialize when the player's hair is at least bellybutton length and at maximum length and no other headgear is worn.
  • A pink scrunchie may be obtained from the Mannequin.


  • Unlike most other headgear, multiple scrunchies of the same color can be worn at the same time.
  • Conversely, a pink and a blue scrunchie cannot be worn at the same time.


  • All Scrunchies
    • May slow decay or increase the brightness, blondeness or redness of hair.
    • May cause hair to grow.
    • Scrunchies make it more difficult for monsters to step on or grab the player's hair.
  • Pink Scrunchies
  • Blue Scrunchies
Class Schoolgirl Other
Intelligence +2 +0
Strength +0 -1
Dexterity +0 -1


  • Ponytail is the description of hair with one scrunchie, pigtailed for two scrunchies.