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  • You can barely see the end of the tentacle sticking out of you, slowly waving.
  • A gently throbbing tentacle, its warm touch on your head fills you with a sense of peace at the sudden simplicity of your situation.
  • A piece of mind flayer calamari. It's still gently thrashing about, as if it's trying to reach for your head.
  • The end of a tentacle barely sticks out of your asshole.
  • The end of a tentacle barely sticks out of your vagina.
  • You have a gently throbbing tentacle wrapped around your head.


Character Class Outfits

Ways of Obtaining


  • Biological


  • May slow decay or increase the blondeness of hair
  • May slow increase or reduce the redness of hair.
  • May decrease Intelligence
  • May increase Dexterity and Strength
  • May command the player to attach it to a lower body orifice.
  • Can be eaten instead of worn, which increases intelligence.