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  • A smallish banana that you could peel and eat.
  • A smallish apple that you could eat.
  • A smallish pack of ready salted crisps that you could open and eat.
  • A smallish lemon that you could eat. It would probably be quite sour.
  • A smallish pack of salted nuts that you could open and eat.



  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Pack of Crisps
  • Pack of Nuts

Ways of Obtaining

  • Found in containers.


  • All snacks have one dose and by default increase the player's stomach fullness by one.
  • Bananas reduce fatigue.
  • Apples increase stomach fullness by two.
  • Lemons decrease Delicateness, increase Semen Addiction by one and stomach fullness by two.