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Clothing - Overdress - Unique


Sheer, flimsy nightgown that does absolutely nothing to preserve the player's modesty. Increases bimbo and makes the player gain fatigue more quickly. Equipping this item will teleport the player to the Royal Chambers.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialise cursed on player when following criteria are met:
    • The player uses the **sleep** command on the bed
      • May change into a Nightie of bed wetting if the player continues using the bed.
    • The player uses the **piss** command outside of a body of water or while not wearing a diaper.
    • The player is not already wearing an overdress


  • Price:?
  • Humiliation: ?
  • Bimbo contribution: +1
  • Blocks crotch? No
  • Blocks nipples? Yes
  • Transparency: Sheer
  • Material: Silk
  • Possible Magical Attrbutes:
    • Bed Wetting*


  • (Whilst worn)
    • Doubles the rate at which the player gains fatigue
    • If the watersports fetish is enabled, sleeping on the bed in the Royal Chambers may change the nightie into a nightie of bed-wetting
      • Nighties of bed wetting will randomly spawn diapers onto the player.
      • Nighties of bed wetting also increase the player's incontinence.
  • (When worn)
    • 3 seconds pass
    • The player is transported to the Royal Chambers and the Nightie becomes cursed if it wasn't already


The description of this item slightly changes depending on if you are wearing it and how high your bimbo meter is.