Orifice Soreness

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Orifice Soreness

Orifice Soreness is one of the health stats of the player. It is increased through the insertion of sex organs or other phallic objects. High levels of orifice soreness can make you shamefully orgasm and when you reach a max level of soreness, you are at risk of fainting.

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • Fine: 1 to 2
  • A Bit Sore: 3 to 4
  • Sore: 5 to 7
  • Very Sore: 8 to 10

Chance of Increase

Every turn that an orifice is stimulated, there is a chance of soreness increasing.

  • The higher orifice openness is and the smaller the invading object is, the more chance there is that any increase of orifice soreness will be ignored.
  • If the orifice is lubed up, the chance of soreness increasing is lowered.
  • If the player is submitting to sex, the chance of soreness increasing is lowered.
    • If the player is begging for mercy, the chance of soreness increasing is lowered further.
    • If the player's soreness is very high (9 or 10 / 10), the chance of soreness increasing is lowered further.
  • Certain clothing such as the lipstick collar further reduces your chance of gaining soreness.


Other things are also triggered whenever we check to see if orifice soreness increases...

  • Arousal is increased, based on girth of any inserted objects, orifice sensitivity and the anal/vaginal sex addiction of the player.
  • A shameful orgasm check is made. Several things increase the likelihood of orgasm:
    • Higher soreness
    • The sensitivity of the orifice
    • High arousal
    • The player choosing to submit to sex.
      • This is only the case for 'normal' sex, i.e. sex they didn't initiate. Friendly fucks therefore still have a good chance of orgasm.
    • If interracial fetish is 1, darkskinned cocks have a higher chance of orgasm.
      • If the player is a queen of spades, darkskinned cocks have an even higher chance of orgasm and all other cocks have a much lower chance of orgasm.
    • Orgasms lower penis size, increase humiliation and sex addiction if shameful. The only non-shameful orgasms are when dominating NPCs, masturbating and using the gloryhole.
      • Dominating NPCs and using the gloryhole can actually reduce sex addiction and other submissive stats.
  • A check is made to see if Orifice Openness increases, based on current orifice openness and the size of the inserted thing.

If soreness is at maximum...

  • If sex fainting is enabled or you're in the final boss fight against the slutty sister:
    • A 'tolerated' count starts to increase, which has a limit of your specific addiction (anal / vaginal sex addiction) divided by 2. The count only resents when the player's hole heals a bit. Once that count hits its limit...
    • The player is given the option to steel their mind and power through, unless they're at max delicateness.
      • If they steel their mind, delicateness is increased by 1 and sex addiction is decreased by 1 but only if it is higher than the player's delicateness.
      • If they don't steel their mind they faint and intelligence is reduced by 1.
  • If sex fainting is not enabled (and it's not the final boss fight):
    • 50% of the time, it's as if the player steeled their mind. Delicateness is increased by 1 and sex addiction is decreased by 1 but only if it is higher than the player's delicateness.
  • So in summary, with sex fainting enabled you have a sort of buffer of a few ticks of soreness before you start to gain delicateness, but then it happens every turn. And at 20/20 delicateness you'll start fainting a lot. With sex fainting disabled, you don't have the buffer but you gain delicateness at half the rate, and you don't have the problem of fainting all the time when you reach 20/20 delicateness.
  • While at max soreness (described in the status bar as 'RUINED'), your intelligence will be capped at 2.

Permanent Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of the ways that orifice soreness can be increased or decreased.

  • Drinking from the statue in the statue hall decreases orifice soreness
    • Several levels of orifice soreness are removed
    • Thirst is quenched
    • But semen is ingested, which will increase semen addiction and sometimes sex addiction.
  • Having sex increases orifice soreness.
    • Submitting has a high chance of preventing soreness from increasing.
    • If the "affected" orifice is covered in lubricant, there is a chance orifice soreness will not increase
      • This stacks with the chances from submission.
  • Any object being inserted (or remaining inside you over time) usually increases orifice soreness.
  • The wooden horse trap increases orifice soreness each turn.
    • Pressing one of its buttons can cause this soreness gain to double
  • The paddle trap can increase orifice soreness.
    • This increase is higher if the orifice is plugged.
  • Trigger a dildo trap whilst the orifice is plugged.
  • Anal expulsion can increase ass soreness.
    • The first turn of liquid expulsion does not increase soreness.
    • Every subsequent turn of liquid expulsion does increase soreness.
    • Expulsion of eggs always increases soreness.
  • Being "spanked" by the lake monster increases orifice soreness
  • Have the living belt attempt to penetrate an orifice that's already occupied.

Other Effects

  • Kneeling in the Dungeon Toilets with an orifice soreness of 8 or more will make you instantly faint.
    • Entering the Toilets even standing up with an orifice soreness of 10 will make you faint.