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Female non-virgin players can get pregnant and give birth in Trap Quest. Conception can happen on any turn where there is semen in the player's vagina, with the chance on any specific turn increasing with how full the vagina is. A vagina can hold up to ten units of semen. At conception, a father, from the contributors to the semen, is chosen. This is not fully random, but based on a priority selection system. Some monster's semen is stronger and faster than others! The priority list is as follows:

  • Tentacled monsters
  • Any alive monster, prioritizing ones in the same region as the player
  • Anything that still exists in the game universe, e.g. creampie pole trap (which currently spawns tentacle monsters)
  • (Dead) sex dolls
  • Any monster

Once pregnant the player's belly slowly grows over time, until the player's belly reaches maximum size. Some monsters' spawn can grow even further, to superhuge sizes, currently the tentacle monster and minotaur.

Once at maximum size, every now and then the pregnancy will attempt to occur if possible. If not possible, the player will experience a contraction, which causes them to drop to their knees. Reasons for the pregnancy not being able to occur include:

  • Item inside vagina
  • Clothing in the way of vagina
  • Father is still alive but in a different region

Birth usually has no real impact other than the game tracking how many children you have given birth to. However if you are in the same location as the father at the moment of birth, your strength, dexterity and intelligence are all increased by 1. A few father's spawn will actually continue to exist in the game after the birth. Tentacled spawn turns into more tentacle monsters, and sex dolls create more sex dolls.

Pregnancy can cause the laurel wreath to spawn which leads to the fertility goddess class.