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The player can become the Pricness by wearing the tiara and the royal dress at the same time. The outfit increases intelligence, and makes certain npc's act differently around the player. Princesses also have a class-specific equippable item, the Royal Scepter

Class Items

Obtaining the Tiara

Main article: Tiara

Anytime the player sits on throne while not wearing headgear, they have a chance to have this item appear on their head.

Obtaining the Royal Dress

Main article: Royal Dress

If the player is not wearing an overdress, the royal dress will spawn onto the player along with the tiara. The royal dress can also be found in the dungeon shop.

Obtaining the Royal Scepter

Main article: Royal Scepter

The royal scepter appears as the silver tiara's first quest completion reward.

Class Quest

In the base game, the headgear quest of the silver tiara is the "Royal Duties" quest, while in Diaper Quest it is the "Stealth Diaper" quest.

Royal Duties Quest

Requires the player to complete several unique tasks in the Dungeon. The tasks can be completed in any order, but it may be easier to complete everything if the player has the Royal Scepter, which will remind the player of the task that comes next. The Royal Scepter will be summoned the first time the player completes one of their royal duties.

Quest Tasks

Stealth Diaper Quest


Class Effects

This section describes the effects shared by all versions of the princess class. Certain subclasses have effects that are completely unique, and have not been listed here.

NPC Interactions

  • Changes lots of conversation flavor for NPC's.
  • Heavily changes the behavior of the Royal Guard
  • Makes the Mechanic even meaner
  • Causes the Demon Lord to spank the player for complaining at him during sex
  • Makes the Unicorn unfriendly

Guard Interactions

  • Causes guards to become aggressive at an appearance score of 13 or higher, rather than 7 or higher.
  • *Friendly* guards will assist the player in combat
    • If the player is knocked over in combat, then the guard will run away as normal. He'll be a little more obvious about it, though.
    • If the guard notices another guard having sex with the player, or in combat with them, the guard will become unfriendly unless the player is very close with him.
  • Guards will wipe off the player's face after a boobjob.
  • Prevents guards from groping the player (while friendly)
  • Causes guards to pull out after penetrative sex if the guard isn't the player's current betrothed
  • Prevents the Prison Guard from dragging the player to prison.
  • Makes guards like the player more after Requested Sex.
    • Also makes guards like the player more if they are able to take the player's vaginal Virginity
  • Prevents guards from punishing the player for being disobedient (e.g. not swallowing when asked)
  • Prevents guards from getting pissed off when the player takes money from them
  • Increases the guard's blue balls value by 10 if the player ends Requested Sex early.
  • Makes the guard more likely to stop when asked during Requested Sex
    • If the guard is about to cum, he might finish prematurely.
    • If he does end up refusing, he'll gag the player before they ask again.
  • Prevents guards from interfering when they see the player trying to dominate another npc
  • Causes the guard to forgive the player instead of immediately trying to fuck them if they unsuccessfully try to dominate him.
  • Makes the guard like the player more if they make him cum during dominant sex
  • Makes guards take the player's side in conflicts against wenches

Mechanic Interactions

  • Causes the Mechanic to become aggressive upon noticing the player
  • If the mechanic is able to knock the player down, and the player isn't wearing the Princess Bride Dress, summons the princess bride dress.
    • if the player already has a betrothed, Diaper Quest is enabled, or they don't have a vagina (and they can't trigger TG), the mechanic will destroy the player's headgear instead.
  • Has a 50% chance to cause the mechanic to remove his condom during a blowjob
  • Causes the mechanic to remove his condom during penetrative sex
  • Causes the mechanic to always creampie the player during penetrative sex

Unicorn Interactions

  • Makes the Unicorn unfriendly on sight.
  • Causes the unicorn to almost always creampie the player during penetrative sex
  • Causes the unicorn's condom to break during penetrative sex
  • Enables a more punishing version of the unicorn dominant riding scene.

General Effects

  • Makes it more difficult for the player to kneel in front of aggressive NPC's (unless they are very tired or very desperate for sex)
  • Slightly humiliates the player every turn they spend on their knees in front of an NPC
  • Causes the Demon Broadsword to transform immediately upon being pulled from the Sword in the Stone
  • Adds 'Princess' to the player's Title.
  • Chances the Magic Modifier of the Wrench to -5.
  • Whenever the player sexually satisfies a male npc, they will offer the player a ring (unless they are already the Princess Bride)