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The Robobutler is a robotic npc in the hotelwho will force feed you if you have an empty stomach and you haven't tipped him recently. Although friendly at first, he is quick to turn on players whom he has determined to be in need of his assistance. Expect to be dragged to a feeding bowl if you meet him on an empty stomach, or handed off to the authorities if you look too much like a criminal. As a robot, he will leave a pile of parts behind on death, which can be put back together by a wandering Mechanic.


Mechanical Joint


Actions upon victory

  • If the player has an unblocked orifice that is currently leaking semen, plugs it up with a sex toy
  • If the player is wearing a latex catsuit, or the player is a Vixen, locks the player into Bondage and drags them to the mechanic for punishment
  • If the player's lips are too small in comparison to their current bimbo score, and artificial enhancements is enabled, increases the player's Lip Size.
  • Instead of the above, Robomaids will drag players with dirty clothes to the laundry room for a quick wash
    • Robomaids will also drag naked players to a robobellboy for clothing assistance.
  • If the player has an empty stomach, drags them to the Feeding Area so the player can enjoy something out of the feeding bowls.
    • Robomaids will also notify any nearby RoboChefs that the player is in need of a second course
  • Milkmaids have their own punishments:
    • If the player is a maid, tries to rip open their shirt or increase the size of their breasts
    • Give the player a bottle of milk, or (lactation enabled) force the player to drink it straight from the teat
    • Give the player a bottle of semen, or (trap fetish disabled) force the player to drink it straight from the "hose."


The following actions will make the robobutler become aggressive:


Robobutlers are initially friendly as long as none of the above conditions are met.

  • as long as they have recently received a tip, butlers will be willing to analyze a piece of clothing for the player and tell them whether or not it is cursed.


  • Difficulty: 7
  • Hitpoints: 29
  • Girth: N/A
  • Mess: N/A
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? No.


  • Polite robobutler
  • Unemotional robobutler
  • Dainty Robomaid
    • Less aggressive version of the robobutler that will try to make sure the player is wearing clean clothes
  • Malfunctioning Milkmaid
    • Drink carrying version of the robobutler that will try to feed the player milk or semen(depending on fetish selection) and mess with other maids


The robobutler is not interested in sex


Robobutlers are usually not aggressive to start off with, only choosing a punishment for the player once they have decided its time to be hostile. Tipping the butler often will keep him out of your hair, although it might be worth leaving him be until he decides to attack you, since he won't turn on you in an instant like a RoboBellboy or a RoboChef. Since the mechanic will most likely repair him once you've gotten rid of him, it might be better to wait to kill him until after the mechanic has been dealt with.