Royal Scepter

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Royal Scepter

Clothing - Equippables - Wand - Unique


A long staff bearing a gem encrusted royal crest. It allows a Princess to choose a monster they would like to have sex with and gain bonus for continuing to do so. The scepter creates a permanent bond to the monster chosen, so the only way to remove it is to kill the monster itself.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize on the player when the following criteria are met:
    • Player has had sex with a monster two or more times
    • Player has had friendly sex with a monster in the past


  • Price: N/A
  • Material: Plastic
  • Projectile? Yes.


  • Whilst worn:
    • Prevents the player from cooling off when horny, and removes the normal cap on arousal
    • If the chosen monster is satisfied, instead prevents the player from getting horny at all
      • When the monster is ready for more, makes up for it by arousing the player by a large amount
    • Causes sex with a consort to dignify the player rather than humiliate
    • Causes the player to gain extra humiliation when they beg a monster that is not a consort
    • Reveals the current location of the consort when examined
  • When worn:
    • 3 seconds pass
  • After having sex with a consort:
    • Increases dignity
    • Decreases fatigue
  • After having sex with other monsters, has a chance to do any of the following: