Ruby Teacher Rochelle

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Ruby Teacher Rochelle

Rochelle (or Roger, depending on fetish choices) is one of the teachers of ruby ranked lessons in the school.

Practical Lesson

The students participate in a reverse gangbang in a line, with the student who makes the teacher cum getting promoted.


  • After someone chooses anal, nobody can choose vaginal until somebody has chosen oral, to clean the cock off.
  • When you use your breasts, the stimulation level depends on their size, and your titfuck addiction. Overall this stimulation is lower than most others.
  • When you use your vagina or asshole, the stimulation level depends on its tightness and your relevant addiction.
  • When you use your hand, the stimulation level will be very low, and depends on your overall sex addiction.
  • When you use your mouth, the stimulation level depends on oral sex addiction and whether you can deepthroat.
    • This is extremely humiliating depending on what juices you're cleaning off the cock. Ass juices are three times as bad as pussy juices.
    • Oral sex addiction increases by (1 + ass-count + (pussy-count / 2)) / 2.
    • The player's filth rating increases - the person who is the filthiest gets promoted too. If another student had already chosen oral and has been overtaken as filthiest student, they will get angry at the player.


  • If you go for the filthiest student, then you don't need to worry about winning the race. Consider just using your hands.
  • If you go for being the one to make the teacher cum, pay attention to the text prompts, they tend to make it clear when they're getting close, and this is when it's actually important to choose your highest stimulation option.