Runic Headband

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Clothing - Headgear - Unique

The runic headband is the headgear of the priestess class, and has higher chances of appear if the player is a virgin. When blessed, this item increases the chance for the player's hair color to decay.

Ways of Obtaining

  • May materialize onto the player cursed when following criteria are met:
    • Player sits on the dungeon altar while not wearing any headgear
    • If the player is female and a virgin, the headband has a 100% chance of appearing


  • Humiliation: ?
  • Bimbo Contribution: +0
  • Material: Silk


  • (Whilst worn)
    • Makes it more likely for hair color to decay
    • 3 seconds pass
    • increase hair length

Related items:

  • Priestess Outfit
    • As long as the player is wearing the runic headband, a cursed Priestess Outfit has a chance of spawning on them.
      • This chance may be higher when the dungeon altar comes off of its cooldown
    • When worn with the priestess outfit, the runic headband decreases strength by 1 and increases dexterity by 1
    • Provided both items are uncursed, allows the player to determine whether or not the dungeon altar is safe to use by examining it.
    • Reduces the Altar's cooldown from 300 to 120 (5 minutes to 2 minutes)


The runic headgear is the only item that can appear by transforming another item.

The existence of the runic headband makes it impossible to get a fully uncursed virgin warrior outfit unless the player visits the woods altar.