Sapphire Teacher Serenity

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Sapphire Teacher Serenity

Serenity is one of the teachers of sapphire ranked lessons in the school.

Heel Lesson

The player and fellow students are made to practice walking in heels, and then two take part in a race.


  • Increases heel skill by 1 each time taken.
  • If the player is not wearing heels, they are treated as wearing 4 inch court heels.
  • If you choose to take part in the competition, winning promotes you but loses you favour with your opponent, whilst losing you gets you spanked, increasing delicateness.


  • Each student has a heel skill rating - the text given during the practice session indicates their skill. You can use this to determine how competent the student who has volunteered for the race is likely to be, and therefore make an informed decision about whether to participate.