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The player can become the schoolgirl by wearing at least one blue scrunchie and a schoolgirl outfit, or a matching schoolgirl tube top, necktie and tartan miniskirt. Schoolgirls gain intelligence faster than normal, and have much higher chances of creating blessed items when crafting. Pieces of the schoolgirl outfit can be obtained by crafting while wearing a blue scrunchie, although the outfit you get will be different depending on how many scrunchies you have.

Obtaining the Scrunchie

Main article: Scrunchie

A blue scrunchie can be found in the library in the dungeon, and in the library in the hotel. Obviously, you have to remove any existing headgear first.

Obtaining the Outfit

Main article: Schoolgirl Outfit

A schoolgirl outfit will materialize on the player the next time the player crafts an item if they are wearing two scrunchies and there is nothing blocking their chest or their waist.

Obtaining the skirt

Main article: Tartan Miniskirt

A tartan miniskirt of temptation will materialize on the player the next time they craft an item as long as they are wearing a blue scrunchie, their waist is not blocked, and a schoolgirl outfit is not able to appear.

Obtaining the tube top

Main article: Schoolgirl tube top

A schoolgirl tube top will materialize the player after crafting if the player is already wearing a tartan miniskirt and they are not wearing anything on their chest.

Obtaining the tie

Main article: Tartan Necktie

As with the tube top and the miniskirt, a necktie will materialize after the player finishes crafting while wearing a blue scrunchie. Note that the tube top or the miniskirt will appear instead if one of them is missing.


  • Adds 'Schoolgirl' to the player's Title.
  • If the intelligence of the player is less than 10, the player has a 1 in 3 chance of an additional point whenever intelligence is gained.
  • Allows the player to "work around" a bad crafting ingredient and make an uncursed item anyway
  • Allows the player to make blessed items through crafting.
    • These chances are higher if the player is wearing two scrunchies.
  • Causes the matron to be aggressive earlier
  • Makes the vines in the woods harass the player even when standing(and much more persistent when kneeling)
  • Makes it more likely to be captured by the lake monster after swimming in the lake.
  • Gives tentacle monsters a 100% chance of going for another hole if they have spare tentacles between rounds.
    • Causes tentacle monsters to rest for less time after sex.