Creampie Addiction

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Creampie addiction is one of the bimbo stats of the player. It goes from 0 to 20, with 0-5 meaning the player hates people cumming inside; 6-8 the player doesn't enjoy creampies but is no longer repulsed; 9-12 the player admits to themselves they now find the experience of a creampie quite nice and looking forward to the feeling; 13-15 the player is addicted to creampies and loves holding onto them for a little while; 16+ the player is always desperate for creampies, and will refuse to let go of creampies before they have to.

If bukkake fetish is enabled, this stat also refers to how much the player likes being covered in semen.


  • If creampie addiction is higher than 14, the player will gain:
    • 100 arousal each time they receive a facial of semen, plus 30 arousal for each unit of semen;
    • 100 arousal each time they get semen on their thighs, plus 30 arousal for each unit of semen;

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