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The Sex Doll is a monster found in the dungeon. Although it is the only monster in the dungeon area that can never be made friendly, it is the only one that can lost interest in the player when attacked. The doll is filled with semen, and sometimes air if certain fetishes are enabled. The player should be careful when killing sex dolls, because if they are full of semen, they will explode everywhere upon death.

Basic Info


Attempt to increase body soreness/ Attempt to trip over

Actions upon victory

If full of semen, rapes the player anally or vaginally, ejaculating 4 units into its chosen orifice. (Inflation enabled) If full of air Penetrates the player anally or vaginally, "ejaculating" air into its chosen orifice/Filling the player's breasts with air upon "ejaculation" (Extreme proportions enabled) If full of air Penetrates the player anally or vaginally, growing the player's breasts or hips upon "ejaculation."

Will destroy any diaper is one is being worn.

Ways to make unfriendly

Kneel in a room adjacent to a sex doll / Attack / Have a high bimbo score (sex dolls perform a check every turn they share a room with a player, with a higher likelihood of suceeding to notice them depending the player's bimbo)

Ways to make friendly

The sex doll can never be made friendly, although it can be made to lose interest.

Assistance in combat

Ejaculates or deflates into the player's mouth






(Discuss how best to deal with this monster, and note anything important not already mentioned in the article)

The sex doll is the easiest monster the player encounters. A player shouldn't have trouble defeating one if fighting one on one and well-rested.

Since they are so easily dispatched, it's advisable to keep an eye on the player status. They still do increase soreness and trying to take on too many before resting can result in a loss.

If the player is already sore when the fight starts, it's advisable to shake the doll off and fight it later.