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The Shopkeeper is a monster found in the dungeon. As the name implies he runs a shop. He sells the player clothes in exchange for jewelry. Stealing from him understandably turns him hostile and will also turn any guards in the dungeon hostile.

Difficulty Rating





[potential loot 1] / [potential loot 2] / etc.


[attack 1] / [attack 2] / etc. Attempt to trip over / Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

Retrieves stolen item, then penetrates the player's mouth, ass, pussy, or breasts if offered

  • The player may offer the shopkeeper a condom before anal or vaginal sex
  • Will usually pull out after vaginal or anal sex
    • If he is wearing a condom, the player is a cheerleader, or they make it harder for him by resisting, he might finish inside anyway


Stealing from him / Attacking turns him unfriendly. If the player steals from him all guards will become hostile as well.


The shopkeeper will be friendly as long as the above conditions are not met. The shopkeeper can teach the player the identify skill. The shopkeeper doesn't assist the player in combat. As long as he is friendly the player can buy items from him.

  • Items must be picked up first before using the "pay" command.
  • The player can attempt to get a discount by using the deepthroat skill.
  • Items become free if he is the father of any of the player's children.

Penetrative stats

Girth: 5 Mess: Semen, 3 units




  • Hulk-like shopkeeper


While this game doesn't zap you with lightning for stealing it is discouraging it to say the least. Fighting the shopkeeper has little benefits for all the trouble.

If a player decides to fight the shopkeeper for some reason he/she should have very high stats.

Adding to that they should try to clean the dungeon of any remaining guards to prevent being ganged up upon. (Or stay in one secluded place)