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Wearing two or more sissifying clothing is one way of qualifying as a Sissy (the other way being the Pink Bow). Being a sissy is much like having a class, but can stack with nearly any other class as long as the player is wearing enough sissifying items. Even if the player wears the sissy bow or collects lots of sissifying items, the player only counts as a "sissy" if they currently identify as male.

Obtaining Sissifying items

There are a few ways to encounter sissifying items, but

  • When the player finds the item in a container.
  • If the player loses their anal virginity before their penis virginity, they will become "cursed" and will periodically have sissifying items summoned onto their body.
  • When the player unsuccessfully convinces any of the following monsters to have Dominant Sex, sometimes a sissifying item will be summoned onto the player:
    • Aeromancer
    • Gladiator
    • Mechanic (This doesn't actually happen when dominating him unsuccessfully, but if the player dominates him successfully, rides him, and then fails a secondary dominance check.)
    • Vampiress

Being a Sissy

Being a sissy is generally something to be avoided, as most of the effects are negative.

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