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Summoning portals periodically spawn monsters, activating after the player has spent a good amount of time moving around in a region. The player can put items in the portal, masturbate, or have sex as a way to put off the eventual monster spawn, but this isn't always the best option, as the summoning portal is sometimes the only way new monsters will spawn in a region. Pure totems are the best way of increasing portal spawn time, but they have diminishing returns the higher the charge of the portal when the totem is used.

Dungeon Portal

The summoning circle in the dungeon will always spawn a sex doll first, and then spawn Guards, Gladiators, Wenches, Aeromancer(Inflation enabled), or more sex dolls. Its description will have a small bit of text that gives a hint toward the next monster to spawn:

Entering the summoning circle will increase the time until the next monster spawn, in addition to one of the following effects:

  • Sex Addiction increased
  • Arousal increased
    • Has a chance of making the player masturbate automatically, which further increases the circle's charge
  • Increases breast sensitivity
  • Transforms a piece of clothing covering the player's chest
  • Increases the size of the players hips or ass(Weight gain enabled)

Woods Portal

The giant statue in the woods will always spawn a mannequin first, and then spawns Demonesses, Wasps(Beast and egg fetishes enabled), Aeromancers(Inflation enabled), Fairies, Gladiators*, and more mannequins. Its description has a small bit of text that gives a hint toward the next monster to spawn:

When the statue activates, the player will be aroused by a small amount. If the player is close to the statue, they will be aroused for a much larger amount, fatigued, and forced to their knees. If the vine boss is alive, or the Doom Quest is complete, any pregnancy will progress slightly. Otherwise, the player's lactation rate will increase as long as they have lactation fetish enabled.

Killing monsters, or offering the following items will decrease the time until the next monster spawns from the statue:

The description of the statue will change slightly depending on how close it is to a monster spawn