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A many-armed beast born from the player and an otherwordly creature, like the Vine Boss, Lake Monster, or an eldritch being. The player can also meet tentacle monsters if they have tentacle everywhere enabled. Tentacle monsters are aggressive to the player as long as they are not pregnant, and gain more arms (and tentacles to fuck the player's holes with) as they grow in side.

Difficulty Rating

Newborn - 1

Large - 4

Massive - 7


Newborn - 10

Large - 18

Massive - 24


(may depend on variant, not sure) "Newborn" tentacle monster.

  1. Emerald jewelry
  2. Ruby jewelery


  1. Attempt to trip over
  2. Attempt to increase body soreness

Actions upon victory

The tentacle monster will choose an orifice immediately upon finding a kneeling player, and will choose additional orifices during subsequent turns. There is a good chance that the monster won't penetrate the player at all after the first turn, even if they have the capability. However, as long as the player has an available hole, there is always a chance that the monster will try to use it each turn (even if its sloppy seconds from another monster).

  1. Attempts to penetrate the player orally
  2. Attempts to penetrate the player anally
  • If the egg laying fetish is enabled, will fill the player's belly with eggs instead of semen.
  1. Attempts to penetrate the player vaginally (lower likelihood if there's another hole available)

Ways to make unfriendly

  1. Allow it to notice you whilst not pregnant
  2. Attack

Ways to make friendly

Be pregnant

Assistance in combat

Helps the player in combat as long as it is friendly.

Penetrative Stats

Newborn Girth: 4

Newborn Mess: Semen, 2-3(or 2-3 small eggs)

Large Girth: 6

Large mess: Semen,

Massive Girth: 9

Massive mess: Semen, 7-8 units(or 7-8 small eggs)






  • Newborn
    • This is a level 1 tentacle monster. It can only penetrate the player in one hole at a time, and has low hitpoints. If it successfully rapes the player, it will become a "large" tentacle monster
  • Large tentacle monster
    • This is a "level 2" tentacle monster. It can penetrate the player in two holes at a time. As with the newborn, it will become a "massive" tentacle monster upon raping the player.
  • Massive tentacle monster
    • This is the third and highest level monster. It can penetrate the player in three holes at a time, has high health, and strong attacks.


(Discuss how best to deal with this monster, and note anything important not already mentioned in the article)

Considering it's a conscious choice to "feed" the tentacle monster instead of killing it off, it's basically the player's fault if they get overwhelmed by a large/massive tentacle monster later. A newborn tentacle monster shouldn't be hard to defeat.

Generally, the point is not to defeat the tentacle monsters anyway, since they can assist the player in combat, as long as the player keeps carrying their spawn.

This basically turns into an exercise to find out how much is "too much". Of course, if you also got your hands on the unholy cum dump's undergarment... well, feel free to find out how many enemy AIs your computer/engine can support.

Alternatively, the player could try out the potion of the womb or wearing the fertility goddess set with crotch-blocking clothing to stay permanently pregnant.