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The Player

A heterosexual male player character or mostly asexual and androgynous female player character who is thrown into this world of transformation and (at first)forced into sex. Your basic stats are at the top of your screen.

Beneficial Stats

These are the stats which you want to keep as as possible high in order to increase your chances of success.


Main Article: Strength

The strength of the player is mainly used for offensive actions against monsters, and for staying on your feet as you get tired. The player can increase their strength through defeating enemies and drinking the correct potions. Several items can increase strength when worn.


Main Article: Dexterity

The dexterity of the player is mainly used for defensive purposes, it improves your chance to dodge monsters' attacks and avoid traps that you activate. It also contributes to how likely you are to trip.


Main Article: Intelligence

The intelligence of the player is mainly used for discovering traps. It also increases your chances of learning skills from friendly monsters. Whenever a difficulty check requires willpower, this is usually based on intelligence vs bimbo.

Heel Skill

Main Article: Heel Skill

The heel skill of the player is what prevents them from falling over when wearing heels. Your heel skill must be greater than the height of the heels you are wearing in order to be able to properly kick monsters with heels. You increase your heel skill by walking around in high heels. Heel skill also adds to your bimbo score, but it is worth it, since once experienced, high heels are one of the best and easiest ways to deal large amounts of damage in the late-game.

Penis Length

Main Article: Penis Length

The penis length of the player only applies when male. A small penis size increases your bimbo score, so it's sensible to keep it large. The main way your penis shrinks is through shameful anal orgasms.


Main Article: Fitness

The player can gain "exercise points" as they perform physical actions throughout the game, including combat, resisting against sex and even including picking items up when standing. Once the player has enough exercise points, they will gain 1 strength or dexterity point and exercise points will reset to 0. If the weight gain fetish is enabled, then they will likely have to burn fat before gaining stats. Resting on furniture resets your exercise points to 0. Resting on the floor but not on furniture (which only heals fatigue, not body soreness) does not reset exercise points.

Physical Health Stats

These are the non-permanent stats that you must manage, and try to prevent from reaching their maximum values, lest you risk fainting or other more permanent effects.

Body Soreness

Main Article: Body Soreness

The body soreness of the player is mainly raised by being attacked by monsters. The higher your body soreness, the less time you can spend on your feet before you become fatigued. The best way to recover body soreness is by resting on furniture. Eating Candy usually recovers a small amount of body soreness.

Ass and Pussy Soreness

Main Article: Orifice Soreness

The orifice sorenesses of the player are increased, unsurprisingly, by any events involving penetration of your rear end or vagina. High soreness increases the change of shameful orgasms, which heavily increases sex addiction and shrinks the your penis if you are male. At maximum soreness, you risk fainting if it tries to increase further.


Main Article: Fatigue

The fatigue of the player increases as the player spends time on their feet. It increases faster the heavier your body is. The maximum fatigue you can manage is determined by your strength and reduced by your body soreness. At maximum fatigue you fall onto your knees. When on your knees, fatigue recovers at an increasing rate each turn until it reaches 0.


Main Article: Thirst

The thirst of the player slowly increases over time. When the player is thirsty, their strength is slightly decreased. When the player is extremely thirsty, they risk fainting. They may submit to monsters automatically in order to get a drink. To recover thirst, simply drink any liquid, although some liquids are more satisfying than others.


Main Article: Urination

Only enabled with watersports and/or diaper fetish. As the player "digests" fluids, the player's bladder stat will periodically increase. When bladder reaches larger values, dexterity will be slightly lowered. Urinating reduces bladder back down to 0, but humiliates the player if not done in a body of water, into a toilet, or while wearing an undamaged diaper. Most NPCs will lower their opinion of you if you urinate in front of them. Soiling non-diaper clothing humiliates the player further, and will temporarily reduce clothing's effective magic modifier until dried over time or manually cleaned. With diapers enabled, urinating involuntarily will result in uncontrolled urination, which eventually leads to incontinence, and getting urine on the floor or non-diaper clothing significantly impairs dexterity.

Bimbo Stats

These are things that start low and will slowly go up as bad things happen to you. Try not to let them do that. They contribute to your overall bimbo score, which as it rises makes more and more monsters automatically unfriendly, and sometimes can even make you automatically perform counter-productive actions such as kneeling in front of potential assailants.

Sex Addiction

Main Article: Sex Addiction

Sex addiction reflects how much of a nymphomaniac you are - how much you are addicted to orgasms, and how much you enjoy fetish, and Dominance/submission. Several things increase sex addiction, including shameful orgasms (orgasms where you are the submissive - pretty much every orgasm except masturbation or dominant sex), and a few things, such as potions of virility, reduce it. Players who select the sex addict fetish before the game begins will begin the game with this stat at 8/20. At maximum sex addiction, potential gains to sex addiction decrease intelligence instead.

Semen Taste Addiction

Main Article: Semen Taste Addiction

The player's semen addiction reflects how comfortable they are with the taste of semen. Digesting semen gradually increases the player's addiction. Reaching an extremely high level of semen addiction starts cravings, which reduces intelligence and can eventually prevent the player from drinking anything except semen. Failure to satisfy cravings will eventually remove the craving, but any future taste of semen will bring the addiction right back.

Creampie Addiction

Main Article: Creampie Addiction

Creampie addiction determines how the play feels about NPCs and monsters cumming inside their ass or vagina. At low values, the player will dislike receiving a creampie after sex. At higher values, the player will enjoy receiving creampies and may refuse to expel the creampie. At the highest values the player is always desperate for creampies, and will refuse to let go of creampies before they have to.

If bukkake fetish is enabled, this stat also refers to how much the player likes being covered in semen.


Main Article: Delicateness

Delicateness is one of the main bimbo stats of the player. It reflects how much you have trouble tolerating pain, how much willpower you have to disobey NPCs, and how unstable your emotions are. In general, it increases from getting hurt, but not including combat.


Main Article: Humiliation

As the player is increasingly humiliated by aspects of the game, they find that the only way to cope is to develop a fetish for humiliation itself. Dignity returns over time, but very slowly. Common ways for humiliation to quickly sky-rocket include repeatedly falling over, engaging in lots of submissive sex, and wearing clothing that is too slutty for your current humiliation level.


Main Article: Arousal

Arousal is built up mainly by being penetrated, and slowly goes down over time. Low levels of arousal increase dexterity, but as you go higher it starts also reducing intelligence. Too high arousal will likely also cause orgasms, which resets arousal but increases sex addiction.

Orifice Openness

Main Article: Orifice Openness

This measures how well used your butthole and vagina (if you have one) are. While these stats do add to your bimbo score, they also reduce the chance of soreness increasing when you are being penetrated, so one could argue that these stats are worth keeping high!

Vaginal Sex Addiction

This measures how comfortable the player is with receiving vaginal sex. Orgasming from vaginal sex increases the player's addiction, and gaining delicateness during vaginal sex reduces it.

Anal Sex Addiction

This measures how comfortable the player is with receiving anal sex. Orgasming from anal sex increases the player's addiction, and gaining delicateness during anal sex reduces it.

Oral Sex Addiction

This measures how comfortable the player is with performing oral sex. Mainly increased from performing oral sex in ways that don't involve swallowing semen.

Body Stats

As the game progresses, your body will likely transform. This affects how easy it is to move and perform certain actions. Your "real life" body slowly gets transformed towards your virtual curvaceous self, and never shrinks. Once your real life body has grown a size, your virtual body can never shrink back past that value (except hair and penis length).

Breast Size

Main Article: Breast Size

Breast size comprises of your raw breast size plus how full your breasts are of milk and air (lactation and inflation fetish respectively). It contributes to your body weight, and its contribution can be reduced by wearing a bra. Extremely large breasts reduce the damage of your slap attack. The main way to decrease breast size is with a weight loss potion.

Belly Size

Main Article: Belly Size

Belly size is calculated mostly by how full your insides are full of semen from anal (or vaginal) creampies. Your stomach fill also slightly contributes. It is the main stat that affects your weight. The main way that it decreases is when you involuntarily squirt cum from your ass.

Hip and Ass Size

Main Article: Hip Size

Your hips and ass can grow from certain in-game effects such as needle traps. They slightly contribute to your weight and large butts can aggro some monsters. They do provide a slight chance for penetration to fail, but this is rarely useful except against one-shot traps as most enemies will just try again next turn. Blessed weight loss potions can cause hip size to decrease.

Hair Length

Main Article: Hair Length

Long hair makes it more easy for monsters to trip you over and prevent you from standing back up. Extremely long hair can be tripped on when walking around. Hair length can be increased by drinking cursed liquids, standing under sprinklers and wearing headgear. If you have the artificial enhancements fetish enabled you can receive hair extensions from mannequins.

Lip Size

Main Article: Appearance

Big lips contribute to your appearance score, which determines how npc's tend to feel about you, and contributes to the chances that an NPC chooses oral sex.

Hair Colour

Main Article: Hair Colour

The player's hair colour is made up of three factors: redness, blondeness and brightness. All three combined cause the player to have pink hair. Hair slowly darkens over time. This used to affect other stats but now just affects appearance. Hair colour generally increases from sprinkle traps and worn headgear.

Make Up Level

Main Article: Make Up

Make Up only has four levels ranging from zero make up to full on painted whore. Each level significantly affects your appearance. However, it decays relatively quickly on its own. Make up is generally gained from mannequins, or spring-loaded traps. Make Up normally decays over time and can be completely wiped off in a body of water.