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Thirst is one of the player's physical health stats. Thirst is heavily tied to the player's stomach stat, which is a combination of two stats, "stomach-semen" and "stomach-liquid". All things that increase the player's stomach can reduce the player's thirst. Whenever the player's stomach values drop enough that both are below zero, the player's thirst will increase by 1, and increase by 1 every in-game minute until the player faints from dehydration, or until one of the player's stomach stats has been increased by 1. Getting too thirsty reduces the player's strength, and if allowed to go for too long, can make the player faint.

Phrase Meanings

The phrase in the status bar corresponds to the following values:

  • No Text: 0 to 2
  • Thirsty: 3
  • Very Thirsty: 4
  • Extremely Thirsty : 5


Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that uses the Thirst of the player in its calculations.

  • If the player would reduce their thirst value below 2, their stomach value is increased by a corresponding amount.
  • If the player's "stomach" contains 2 or more units, the player's thirst will never increase
  • Once the players stomach value reaches 5 units, the player will refuse the **drink** command.
    • If the player less than 5 units in their stomach, but the drink would cause them to exceed 5 units, they will still refuse the drink.
  • Once the player's thirst has reached 3, the player is able to ask npc's for drinks.
    • (Will not give the player a drink, even when asked)
    • (Will give the player a drink when asked)
      • Royal Guard
        • So far only a friendly Guard will provide a character with water and no adverse affects
      • Gladiator
        • This drink will increase the players Breast Size a lot.
      • Shopkeeper
        • will only give the player a drink if they agree to wear a set of cursed latex plug panties
      • Fairy
        • This drink will keep expanding your Belly Size until it is "Inflated" (Belly Size 8)
          • When "empty" the fairy will fill belly and womb equally. (If not it becomes more complicated)
    • Will also show the following message;
      • **"You're beginning to feel a bit thirsty."**
  • At 4 thirst, the game will show another message;
    • **Your throat is feeling pretty dry, you should really drink something!**
  • At 5 thirst, the game will show a final message;
    • **You are dying to drink something, anything!**
  • Players with 5 thirst will ask npc's automatically for "water."
    • Does not work for friendly npc's. In fact, if the player is about to faint, it may be better to go find a hostile monster because they do not have to be greeted if you want them to give you a drink.
    • The player will automatically drink from the statues in the statue hall as well
  • If the player would exceed 5 thirst, the player will faint
  • A Thirst stat of 4 decreases strength by 1.
  • A Thirst stat of 5 decreases strength by a further 1.

Temporary Modifiers

Below is a nearly exhaustive list of everything in the game that can modify your thirst, stomach-semen, stomach-liquid stats. Anything that adds to the stomach value will subtract from the thirst value in appropriate situations.

  • Fainting resets the player's stomach value to 2, and the player's thirst to 2.
  • Every 60 seconds, one of the following two will happen:
    • The player's stomach will decrease by 1
      • Either stomach-semen or stomach-liquid will be randomly selected to decrease, with cum-fill having both a higher probability and higher drawbacks for "digestion"
    • The player's thirst will increase by 1
      • This will only happen if the player's stomach value is less than 1.
  • Increases by 1 every in-game minute as long as the player has a stomach value of 0.
  • Puking cum up from your belly will subtract 1-5 units.
  • **Drink**ing from a can will add 1 unit.
  • Being raped orally by the tentacle monster add ? units
  • A **drink** from any vessel will add 2 units
  • Being forced to drink semen by the cock pacifier will add ? units
  • Being forced to drink water by the cock pacifier will add ? units
  • The wench adds 1 unit each round of rape after the first
  • Being raped orally by a sex doll will add 10 units
  • A drink from a gladiator will set stomach to ? units
  • A drink from a guard will set thirst to 2
    • A drink from a hostile guard will add ? units.
    • Allowing the guard to pee in your mouth will add 3 units
  • A drink from a fairy will set stomach to ? units
  • Accepting a drink from the shopkeeper will set the player's thirst to 1, and their stomach fill to 2.
    • This happens regardless of how thirsty the player is.
  • Attempting to deepthroat the shopkeeper for a discount will add (?) units to the player's stomach.