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Traps are mechanisms that can be triggered by the player in some way. Most of them will be triggered when moving around or opening containers. Intelligence will help identify trapped chests. (Or having the stethoscope equipped) Dexterity will help avoiding traps. (Mostly those triggered by wire). Containers in same room share same trap, if trap was triggered in first container all other containers will be safe to open. There is no way to disarm trap. It's not clear if awareness of existed trap helps to avoid it during forced opening. Triggered trap will be reloaded with passed time. Name of the game suggests that there is a lot of traps in the game. Difficulty of traps climbs with new areas. In general it's make sense to crawl in a new room to maximize chances to avoid trap (not in the woods). The hotel is very hard to navigate. If's advised to move barefoot. Character even with perfect skill in heels will have hard time in the hotel.

Dildo Trap

Spawns in: dungeon, forest, mansion, hotel. Triggered by: wire, pressure pads, containers Fetishes required: none

When triggered a dildo pole will shoot out of the ground.

  • Will penetrate the players ass or pussy and increase orifice soreness every turn for as long as the player stays on the dildo.
  • If the player is wearing underwear or crotch-blocking clothing, the may damage the item instead of entering the player
    • Depending on the status of the item and its toughness, the dildo may destroy or rip the item and go through anyway.
  • Dildo trap in the mansion ignores underwear or crotch-blocking clothing and enters directly in selected orifice
  • Dildo trap in the hotel has cum which will get into orifice or on clothing
  • The player can protect orifice by using a New:Dong. Hitting toy increases orifice soreness with exception to the jelly dildo but prevents penetration.
  • Once the dildo has successfully entered the player, they can attempt to escape using the **jump** command.
    • The player has a chance to fail depending on their dexterity, fatigue, body soreness, weight, and if the player is wearing heels, heel skill.
    • If the player is wearing heels higher than 3 inches, they will not be able to jump off the dildo, no matter what their heel skill. However, they will be able to remove their heels and try again provided the player's belly and breasts are not too large, and the heels are not cursed.
      • Once the player realizes its impossible to escape the dildo, they will faint.
      • Players with very large bellies or breasts will not be able to remove their heels
  • The spinning dildo trap, which is only found in the forest, increases orifice soreness much faster
    • Players with a high enough bimbo will refuse to get off the forest dildo, and eventually faint.
  • If this trap is triggered while the player is kneeling, they will faint instantly.
  • Some monsters have special interactions with dildo traps.
    • A hostile Royal Guard will rape the player if they have an orifice that is not occupied by the dildo.
    • If the player is wearing a metal bra, the Gladiator will slice it off with her sword.
    • The demoness will spawn cursed heels onto the player's feet, and if they are already wearing heels, she will increase their heel height to 8.
      • If both of those apply then she will curse the player, reducing their dexterity.
    • Mannequins will apply makeup to your face as though you were kneeling.
  • If the player performs the wait command while stuck on a dildo pole, they will get the option to remain there until "something" changes.
    • Usually this is the player reaching maximum orifice soreness, but circumstances permitting, an aeromancer might come by and give the player a lift.
    • Once the player has made the choice to wait until something changes, they can't take it back, so be smart!

Bukkake Trap

Spawns in: Dungeon, Forest Triggered by: Containers Fetishes required: Bukkake

Sprays cum over the players face and breasts

  • Increases humiliation
  • Adds 1-4 units of cum to the player's face

Hook trap

Spawns in: Dungeon Triggered by: Wire Fetishes required: None

Causes an asshook attached to a rope to latch onto the player, forcing them onto their tip toes and increasing orifice soreness every turn. The //game// will suggest jumping off, but the only way to escape is to **pull** the hook.

  • The player will always fail to escape if they have less than 7 dexterity
  • The player cannot be caught by this trap if their ass is blocked

Shower Trap

Spawns in: Dungeon Triggered by; Pressure pads, containers Fetishes required: Bukkake and/or Watersports

Dumps a large amount of either urine or semen onto the player's head.

  • Completely soaks all of the player's worn and held clothes with the relevant liquid
  • Increases humiliation ( by ? for semen and ? for urine)
  • Depending on a combination of the player's strength, weight, and fatigue, may force the player to the ground.
    • If the player is forced to the ground, their body soreness will increase

Needle Trap

Spawns in: dungeon, forest Triggered by: wire, pressure pads Fetishes required: Lactation (variant), Inflation (variant)

Targets the players butt

  • Will increase either Breast Size or Hip size by one.
  • Most underwear block the needle.
  • With Inflation enabled, the player's breasts or hips will be inflated with air.

With Lactation fetish enabled the needle can target the breasts instead.

  • This can either increase milk production or directly inject a lot of milk into the breasts.
  • Most bras will block the needle trap, except ones that leave the player's breasts bare in some way, such as the bikini top or latex bra.

Tripwire Trap

Spawns in: dungeon Triggered by: wire (The trigger being the trap itself here) Fetishes required: none

A tripwire that isn't set up with a trap or with the trap being on cooldown.

  • They can make players with low dexterity fall over them.
  • Anklecuffs also increase the chance of tripping.

Sprinkler Trap

Spawns in: dungeon Triggered by: wire, pressure pad, container Fetishes required: none

Activates sprinklers in the ceiling to cover the player in liquid.

  • The liquid can be red, white or yellow and changes hair color accordingly.
    • If the watersports fetish is enabled, the yellow liquid will be urine, soaking the player's clothes and increasing humiliation.
  • The sprinklers will stay active for some time.

Pink Smoke Trap

Spawns in: dungeon Triggered by: wire, pressure pad Fetishes required: none

Fills the room with pink smoke that has a high chance to increase either breast size, hair length, or hair "pinkness" (all colors) each turn.

  • Only affects the lower levels of the room. A standing player is safe.
  • Has a chance to decrease player intelligence each turn
  • Upon victory, the gladiator will drag a player into a room with pink smoke and force him/her to inhale it.
    • If she cannot find a room with pink smoke, or is too far away from one, she will simply set off a smoke bomb in the room she defeated you in.
  • One pink smoke trap will always spawn in the Royal Chambers (starter room).
  • There seems to be a higher chance of them spawning in a room with a milking bench/stool. (Or I'm unlucky)

Paddle Trap

Spawns in: dungeon Triggered by: liquid tanks Fetishes required: none

A paddle swings down behind the player.

Cotton Pad Trap

Spawns in: dungeon Triggered by: wire, pressure pad, container Fetishes required: none

A cotton pad swings down from the ceiling to apply a compulsory makeover.

Wooden Horse

Spawns in: Woods Triggered by: Tripping in a room with a soft floor Fetishes required: None

A giant triangle of wood bursts out of the ground and increases the player's orifice soreness every turn. The player can escape by pressing one of six buttons. The button they "choose" is random, but can only pick each one once.

  • Increases orifice soreness by (?) each turn.
  • Pressing a button can have one of the following effects
    • Increase the rate at which it adds soreness
    • Destroy any Belts, skirt, trousers, or underwear.
    • Spawn cursed wristcuffs on the player
    • Calls hostile NPC's
    • Increase the player's hair length by 4(not to be confused with their hair level)
    • Releases the player from the trap
      • Leaves the trap "dormant" and the buttons available to be pressed
      • Has a 50/50 chance of leaving them kneeling rather than standing.

Underwear trap

Spawns in: Woods Triggered by: pressure pad(in a room with a soft floor) Fetishes required: None

A springloaded trap that will force a pair of cursed underwear onto the player

  • Will be blocked if the player is wearing a skirt, trousers, underwear, or a skirted overdress
  • Spawns pouch panties if the player is male
  • Spawns a crotch rope if the player is female

Throne Trap

Spawns in: dungeon (always the throne room) Triggered by: **sitting** on the throne Fetishes required: none; Egg laying

A pink frilly throne. Sitting on it can have a variety of effects, one of which is a trap that will hold the player in place and fill their belly with cum.

  • New:Dong in the ass completely protects the character from this trap
  • The player cannot stand up unless the trap has finished inflating them, or unless they can **pull** free of the tentacles holding their wrists to the throne
    • The player has a random chance of escaping, influenced by the player's strength and the time they've spent on the throne
    • If the throne is allowed to fill the player "to completion," it will leave a cursed buttplug in the player's ass when they get up.
      • If the player does not get up after the tentacles release them, the throne will not attempt to bind the player again, but will continue filling the player with cum(eventually causing them to faint)
  • The throne will fill the player with ? units of semen each turn for ? turns
    • If the player has the egg laying fetish enabled, the player will also be filled with ? medium eggs, starting with 1 on the third turn and adding ? additional eggs every subsequent turn.
  • Durable underwear can hold off the dildo, but not very long.
    • Crotch-blocking overdresses, such as the monokini, will be destroyed as soon as the trap is triggered
    • Some overdresses, such as the leotard, will become ripped instead of destroyed
  • Even if the player has an accessible vagina, the throne will always go for the ass.
  • Getting through the ordeal without fainting increases the player's strength.
  • If the player's belly has been filled to ? units, he/she will immediately fall over after standing up from the throne.
    • The player will always fall over if they cannot escape the throne early

Lake monster

Spawns in: dungeon (in the Underground Lake) Triggered by: washing a lot of "fluids" into the lake. Fetishes required: None; Egg laying, Pregnancy

There isn't much to be said about the lake monster, or is there? While the description matches that of a monster more it uses the same mechanics as a trap would. (Oh god the double meanings) Once the lake monster has emerged there is no interaction and the game will write a scene based on the RNG and the stats of the player.

  • Has a chance to appear in the lake.
    • Chance depends on how much liquid is washed into the lake.
      • Said liquid can be any combination of milk, cum or urine.
    • Chance is also affected by certain types of clothing, such as the monokini.
  • Once it appears, the player's dexterity is rolled against their overall weight, the amount of fluid in the lake, and a random number from -20 to 20.
    • If the player's roll is lower, the lake monster catches and rapes them.
    • If the player's roll is higher, they can evade the tentacles long enough to make it back to safety
      • The player will refuse to bathe in the lake afterwards until their bimbo score is at least 14.
  • Getting used by the monster increases humiliation to "trashy" at least.
  • After the ordeal is over the player will keep lying on the ground for several turns before interaction is possible again.
    • This basically creates a second lake of cum in the room.
  • The monster will use four tentacles on the player, which will choose between the following:
    • Forcing the player to deepthroat
    • Cumming all over you
    • Fucking the players ass
    • Fucking the players pussy
      • Rarely, both the pussy and ass can be double penetrated for added fun.
      • In that case, the player must have a relevant orifice openess greater than 5, or the monster will elect to spank the player instead
  • If the lake monster chooses to penetrate the player anally, and the egg laying fetish is enabled, they will be filled with a few large eggs.
  • If the player is female, and has the pregnancy fetish enabled, the lake monster may impregnate the player with a tentacle monster if it chooses to penetrate them vaginally.

NPC Spawner

Spawns in: dungeon, forest, mansion Triggered by: container Fetishes required: none

To but things simply this trap spawns NPCs in another part of the region. There is a different description of the effect of the trap depending on what is spawned. Fairy- Player hears a giggling noise. Sex Doll-Player hears the rushing of air. Wench-Player hears sobbing, wet footsteps or involuntary moaning. Demoness-Player hears either the clacking of heels or cackling laughter. Mannequin-Player hears the whirring of gears. Gladiator-Player hears metal hitting stone. Guard-Player hears the clanking of metal boots. Aeromancer - Player hears a woman chuckling at her own terrible puns. This is one traps the player will want to trigger to summon NPC for an interaction late in the game: for ingredients, for food, for drinks, to learn skills, and for sex.

Demonic Mirror

Spawns in: mansion Triggered by: pressure pad Fetishes required: none

Once activated tries to draw attention of the character taking him in possession and

  • plays with nipples raising lust
  • masturbates a horny character to orgasm
  • expands hips
  • expands breast

Try to avoid rooms with spawned mirror and completely avoid combat in it. It's too easy to activate this trap.


Spawns in: mansion Triggered by: opening Fetishes required: none

Can be spawn as a ornate trunk. When a character opens a ornate trunk there is chance to be attacked by mimic. Outcome varies to:

  • the hissing mimic bites the character increasing arousal, adding silicon implants in breasts and thickening lips
  • snickering mimic
    • transforms undies, stockings, and suspenders; puts a random sex toy into the ass, and completely removes penis (possible bug) for the male character (cause layering problem for overdress and corset,bug)
    • transforms undies, and spoils leg with cum for the character

A trunk transforms into regular chest after that. Due a bug sometimes transforms into a trunk again. Regular chest can be trapped as well with other "regular" trap. If the player was lucky not to spawn a mimic, he still would face "regular" trap. Unlucky one will face a mimic and "regular" trap. General advice is to completely avoid ornate trunks.