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The vampiress can be found in the mansion, who is protective of the Private Library in the Mansion. Once in the mansion proper, she is a challenging npc with the ability to arouse the player and increase their addiction to sex. If she is allowed to inseminate the player anally, the player may transform into a Vampire Spawn. Likes collars.



  • Attempt to trip
  • Fatigue the player, increasing her own health and Arousing the player by a large amount

Actions upon victory

  • Has anal sex with the player
    • If she is not wearing a condom, and the player is not wearing any other headgear, spawns Vampire Fangs on the player.
      • if the player successfully resists in the final turn of sex, she may pull out and increase some of the player's addictions instead
    • Otherwise, gives the player a choice between:
      • Drinking from the condom, which increases humiliation and lets her pin it to a piece of clothing
      • Refusing to drink, which is punished with a hefty increase to one of the player's addictions
  • Has oral sex with the player


The vampiress will become hostile under any of the following conditions:

  • Not being a vampire spawn
  • There is a Lipstick Collar chaining the player to a pedestal
  • Attacking
  • Being brought to her by the Gargoyle


  • The vampiress is friendly to any player she can successfully convert into a vampire spawn
  • The vampiress is not aggressive to the Living Sex Doll, but she won't attack one either.


  • Difficulty: 9*
  • Hitpoints: 37*
  • Girth: 4
  • Mess: Semen, 3
  • Fuckable? No.
  • Takes virginity? Yes


The vampiress is only interested in the player's mouth and ass.


The vampiress won't appear in every playthrough unless the player gets unlucky with the gargoyle. Thus, it is up to the player whether or not they want to attack her. Otherwise, the vampiress is a very tough enemy that can quickly take down even the toughest players, because her attacks will always hit. Don't challenge her unless your damage output is very high, you are in perfect health, and you have your strength at a reasonably high level. Clothing with protection enchantments are also good. The vampiress cannot be killed permanently, instead appearing at a different point in the mansion with a higher difficulty whenever you successfully take her down. Her drops are also rather sparse, so the best strategy for the vampiress is to try and keep her from spawning. Using the lipstick collar to get at the items in the Private Library can be handy if you have a way to break the chain, or a way to quickly create some distance between yourself and the vampiress. If you can't get away, the item you get from the pedestal will likely be necessary to win the fight, so make sure you're on your feet and have an open slot for it. See the gargoyle page for more information on how to avoid being served up to the vampiress on a silver platter