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NPC - Boss NPC

The vine boss is the boss monster of the Woods area, and is the source of all the vines throughout the area. He can be found in the Underground Chamber, which can be entered by dropping **down** into the Hole in the Ground, voluntarily or otherwise. The underground chamber cannot be exited until the vine boss is dead, in which case they can climb up. Upon death, it drops a living vine and stops vines from appearing in the woods area.

Difficulty Rating





Living Vine


The Vine boss attacks by summoning vines, which have the following attacks Pin the player's ankles and knees to the ground

Increase body soreness

Attempt to make the player kneel

Pin the player's ankles to the ground if they are standing

Actions upon victory

Instantly faint the player if they are wearing a buttplugRape the player vaginally/Rape the player anally

Ways to make unfriendly

Enter the Underground chamber/Enter a "vine room"

Ways to make friendly

The Vine boss can never be made friendly, although killing it removes "vine rooms" from the woods area/ The vines themselves can be made to disappear by allowing them to rape the player.

Assistance in combat

Will spank the player(increasing body soreness) in the rare event that another monster gets there first.


As the name implies, this is a boss, and like the minotaur, the player is free to decide when to take it out. The only difference is that defeating the minotaur doesn't change anything about the dungeon, whereas destroying the vine boss will remove all vine rooms from the woods area. While high stats are always advised when fighting bosses, dexterity is the most important stat for this one, because vines will constantly try to trip the player and pin them down throughout the entire fight. Even a super strong player will have a hard time if they're too busy pulling off vines to do damage. Heels are useful to have for this fight, since they can increase damage, and most of them increase your dexterity. Considering the fight can easily turn into a "war" of attrition, a damage buff is very useful.

It is also advised to wear durable underwear, because the vines will have a hard time tearing them apart. Keep in mind that the vine boss will summon additional vines if it doesn't get its way.

Best strategy to win this fight is to plug beads in the ass and put on expendable pants and undies. Vine Boss will spend time ripping clothes and removing beads. He is removing one bead in time allowing two attacks per bead. It turns the battle into easy win. stub