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The player can become the vixen by wearing the fox ears. The outfit is themed around theft. Related items include the wooden sandal, illusory kimono, and midnight tanto.

Obtaining the Fox Ears

After discovering the kitsune (she's disguised as another NPC in the mansion and you have to attack her), giving her jewellery should quickly make her gift the Fox Ears.

==Obtaining the

Obtaining further Vixen items

The kitsune will keep giving you more relevant items as you give her more jewellery. In order, the Wooden Sandals, Illusory Kimono, and Midnight Tanto.


  • Adds 'Kitsune' to the player's Title.
  • Shopekeepers, witches, robobutlers, vampiresses and gargoyles immediately become unfriendly upon catching sight of a vixen.
  • Increases intelligence by the number of worn stolen items.
  • As long as the kimono is worn, NPCs have a 75% chance to not notice the player each turn.