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The wench is a monster found in the Dungeon. Most varieties only become unfriendly when the player is wearing non-cursed crotch-blocking underwear or when the player has a high appearance score. She can steal your underwear or suffocate you with her crotch. She can drop a cum covered blouse.


  • 1 random inexpensive jewellery
  • 1 cum covered blouse (desperate or frantic wench)
  • any stolen/"gifted" panties


Actions upon victory

  • Attempts to steal underwear and run off with them
  • Sits on face to suffocate & increase sex addiction
  • Faints the player if they are already being raped by another wench.
  • If you have the diaper fetish, they will lovingly rub your diaper while riding your face and repeatedly comment on your diaper and baby talk to you.


The wench will become hostile to the player under the following conditions:

  • Desperate or Frantic wenches are always unfriendly unless the player has a penis length of 8 or more.
  • Have them notice you whilst wearing or holding uncursed normal underwear
  • Have an appearance score of 11 or higher
  • Attack

Attacking a wench while a royal guard is in the room will cause her to stop attacking you and wait on the floor until one of you wins.


  • The wench can become friendly under the following conditions
    • Dropping your underwear, having her steal it, or giving it to her directly.
    • Losing to the wench while wearing a cock pacifier or ballgag.
    • Have a penis size of 8 inches or greater.
  • While friendly, wenches can teach the Deepthroat skill
  • Wenches will run away if they see you in trouble
  • If you've had voluntary sex with her before, you can offer her an open-topped container that she'll fill with cum free of charge


  • Difficulty: 4
  • Hitpoints: 17
  • Girth: N/A
  • Mess: 1-2 semen per turn
  • Fuckable? Yes.
  • Takes virginity? No.


  • Naked
  • Wearing black blouse
  • Wearing pink or black blouse, uncontrollably horny
    • Will always be unfriendly, will not care about underwear but always attempt the suffocation attack.


Only interested in the player's mouth, so presenting other orifices will always fail.

Dominant Sex

Unsuccessfully raping a wench can have one of the following effects:

  • If the player is female or they have a bimbo score of at least 8(but not enough to make her want to fuck the player:
    • Tear off a piece of clothing
    • Steal a piece of jewelery
    • Kick the player really hard, which increases Delicateness and makes the wench more likely to attack the player in the future
  • Otherwise a random piece of sissifying clothing will appear on the player, and the wench will make sure to Arouse the player a lot without letting them cum.

Successfully raping the wench will dignify the player for a small amount and decrease the player's sex addiction.

  • Raping the same wench more than once will allow the player to obtain a Demon Girl Tattoo


Wenches are relatively easy to defeat as long as you are at minimum body soreness and have at least 7 strength. The main threat from wenches is if you get caught in a compromising position or fighting another monster, as their 'queening' action can significantly increase sex addiction and can even make you faint. If she was motivated to attack you by your underwear, you can drop any non cursed normal underwear whilst fighting the wench and she will pick them off the ground and run off with them. If the player is looking to lose their virginity, the wench can be a good choice to her low difficulty, which won't rise so quickly that defeating her will become impossible later on. However, chasing/defeating a wench while she's running away is very tedious because she will always attempt to leave the room once the player enters.

If the player is able to kill a wench with a blouse(and clean off the semen in a body of water), they can gain one of the best overdresses in the game, with no negative effects at all, and a passive reduction to humiliation gained.