Whip of Domination

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  • This looks like a normal whip, but you can tell it has magic properties.


  • Equippables
  • See the category page for information common to all. This page lists only exceptions and overrides.

Ways of Obtaining

  • Found in containers.


  • Crafted with a Whip of Domination Recipe.


  • Attacking with uncursed whips will make low to medium Sex Addicted players more aroused.
  • The damage bonus depends on the magic modifier, whether the player is Horny and their sex addiction, with lower addiction levels giving a higher bonus.
  • Killing an opponent with an uncursed whip decreases sex addiction and raises Dignity.
  • Each attack either increases the player's Delicateness or body damage.
  • Can damage Xavier.
  • Can be offered to the Demoness for a solid gold necklace.